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Microbiología Biomédica 2da edición – Juan A. Basualdo

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Microbiología Biomédica En esta segunda edición hemos tratado de mejorar la iconografía para facilitar la comprensión de ciclos biológicos y mecanismos de acción. Dentro de la sección Virología hemos incluido un capítulo de fagos así como se ha considerado la inserción por separado de la microbiología oral, con lo que apuntamos a proveer también de conocimientos a los estudiantes de Odontología.

Epidemics and Pandemics: Their Impacts on Human History – J. N. Hays

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Epidemics and Pandemics: Their Impacts on Human History This book intends to provide accurate, up-to-date historical information about fifty significant epidemics and pandemics. It is important for readers to understand that the book is a work of historical, not medical, reference—I am a historian, not a physician. It is arranged chronologically, so that the first chapter concerns an epidemic of the fifth century B.C.E. and the last chapters discuss several contemporary pandemics. Each chapter presents its information in a consistent format that allows the reader to gain information about the time, place, and scale

Molecular Biology of the SARS-Coronavirus – Sunil K. Lal

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Molecular Biology of the SARS-Coronavirus The SARS outbreak took the whole world by surprise in November 2002. It was the most unprecedented epidemic outbreak in recorded history and the first major new infectious disease of this century, unusual in its high morbidity and mortality rates and in strategically taking advantage of modern international travel to propagate itself around the world. What followed was a global havoc created by this disease, bringing the healthcare system of affected areas to a grinding halt, affecting healthcare providers, disrupting scheduled emergency surgeries and vital treatment to patients with

Novel Coronavirus Manual – HaLaDi Family

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Novel Coronavirus Manual In December 2019, there was a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, a city with a population of around 11 million people in Hubei Province, China. A number of the initial cases had been linked with Huanan Seafood Market, the largest wholesale market of live animal and seafood in Jiangshan District, Wuhan. Investigation found that it was caused by a previously unknown virus, now named the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). So far, the disease has spread throughout 28 countries and territories, infected over 34,000 people with over 700 deaths recorded all

SARS and Other Coronaviruses – Dave Cavanagh

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico SARS – and Other Coronaviruses The year 2003 was the year when the name “coronavirus” went around the world, somewhat further than the virus that sparked panic: severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV). It was spread rapidly by international, indeed transcontinental, travelers from its epicenter in China. The high mortality rate, around 10% among clinical cases, and the particularly high price paid by health care workers, spread fear globally. Public health facilities were stretched to the limit, and the effect on local economies was immense. Never before had a coronavirus made such an impact

Virology Principles and applications

Descripción Virology Virology is a fascinating and rapidly developing subject, and is worthy of study purely because viruses are interesting! Furthermore, virology is a branch of science that is of immense relevance to mankind for a host of reasons, not least of which are the threats to human health caused by viruses, such as HIV, hepatitis B virus, papillomaviruses, measles and influenza viruses, to mention just a few. There is a continuing need for trained virologists, and it is hoped that this book will play a small role in helping to fulfil this need. To a large extent the material

Coronavirus Replication and Reverse Genetics – Luis Enjuanes

Descripción Coronavirus Replication and Reverse Genetics The Coronaviridae family is included in the Nidovirales order together with the Arteriviridae and Roniviridae. Possibly the first recorded coronavirus related disease was feline infectious peritonitis in 1912. However, until the late 1960s the coronaviruses were not recognized as pathogens responsible for human diseases (common cold), and it was in 2003 when human coronaviruses (HCoVs) received worldwide attention with the emergence of the severe and acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), produced by a coronavirus (SARS-CoV), that has infected more than 8,000 people in 32 countries, killing about 10%. The increase in research on coronaviruses soon

Coronaviruses Methods and Protocols

Descripción Coronaviruses Methods and Protocols In this book we aimed to describe a variety of techniques that refl ect the wide range of research currently being performed in the fi eld of coronavirology. However, most of the techniques described are also applicable to a wide variety of other virology fi elds, so we hope that this book will have wider appeal. As such, we have started this book with an overview chapter of current understanding of coronavirus replication and pathogenesis to introduce non specialist readers to the field. Since the emergence of SARS-Coronavirus in 2003, numerous new coronaviruses have been

CORONAVIRUS a Medical Dictionary

Descripción CORONAVIRUS a Medical Dictionary In March 2001, the National Institutes of Health issued the following warning: «The number of Web sites offering health-related resources grows every day. Many sites provide valuable information, while others may have information that is unreliable or misleading.» Furthermore, because of the rapid increase in Internet-based information, many hours can be wasted searching, selecting, and printing.This book was created for medical professionals, students, and members of the general public who want to conduct medical research using the most advanced tools available and spending the least amount of time doing so. The ideas, procedures, and suggestions

Virología Clínica – Luis Fidel Avendaño

Descripción Virología Clínica En respuesta a la importancia de los conocimientos médicos relativos a la virología y a que en general las carreras asociadas a la salud no cuentan con programas que incluyan esta temática, los editores se plantearon escribir un libro destinado a estudiantes de pregrado y posgrado, y a profesionales de la salud en general. El objetivo es explicar los aspectos fundamentales de la virología de manera comprensible, más que la caracterización molecular de cada virus descrito. El libro considera sólo aquellos virus de importancia para la salud humana y deja de lado los que afectan a otras

Virus y Virología Médica en Uruguay

Libros de Medicina en PDF Virus y Virología Médica en Uruguay Este Seminario del Instituto de Higiene de la Facultad de Medicina, segundo de la serie dedicada al análisis y proyección de las enfermedades trasmisibles y la salud pública, ha constituido un importante aporte al conocimiento de los virus y del papel que juegan en la salud de nuestra población. El acercamiento de científicos, técnicos y clínicos, con sus diferentes visiones y enfoques de la temática vinculada a los virus y a la medicina, crea un espacio imprescindible y enriquecedor para la discusión y el intercambio de conocimientos y experiencias.

Principles of Virology 3rd Edition 2-Volume Set

Libros de Medicina en PDF Principles of Virology 3rd Edition 2-Volume Set Best-selling textbook fills the gap between introductory texts and advanced reviews of major virus families. Focuses on concepts and principles to present a comprehensive treatment from molecular biology to pathogenesis and control of viral infections. Illustrates why and how animal viruses are studied and demonstrates how the knowledge gained from such model viruses

Lennette’s Laboratory Diagnosis of Viral Infections 4th Edition

Libros de Medicina en PDF Lennette’s Laboratory Diagnosis of Viral Infections 4th Edition Written from the perspective of the diagnostician, this bestselling book is the definitive text on the laboratory diagnosis of human viral diseases. It contains a wealth of illustrations, tables, and algorithms to enhance your understanding of this ever-evolving field. The book is a ready reference for virologists, microbiologists, epidemiologists, laboratorians, and infections disease specialists, and students.

Molecular Virology

Libros de Medicina en PDF Molecular Virology Today, knowledge about viruses or distinct aspects of viral infections has become important for our daily life. Continuously, we are confronted with headlines and news concerning, e.g., new influenza viruses, outbreaks of norovirus epidemics, or transmission of otherwise rare zoonotic infections to humans. Due to the major progress in molecular biology and biotechnology, the knowledge on viral infections multiplied during the past decades. Thereby it is possible to characterize and identify new virus types rapidly after their first emergence. Rational development of both antiviral drugs and protective vaccines has reduced the potential danger

Compilado de artículos sobre el VPH

Libros de Medicina en PDF Compilado de artículos sobre el Virus de Papiloma Humano La infección por el virus del papiloma humano, un posible marcador biológico de comportamiento sexual en estudiantes universitarios Cáncer cérvicouterino y el virus del papiloma humano: La historia que no termina Infección por virus del papiloma humano en niños y su relación con abuso sexual Genotipos de virus papiloma humano (VPH) en pacientes con cáncer cervico­uterino en un hospital público y una clínica privada de Santiago, Chile Evaluación de las técnicas de detección del VPH en los programas de cribado para cáncer de cuello uterino

Microbiología e Inmunología Médicas 8va Edición – Warren Levinson

Libros de Medicina en PDF Microbiología e Inmunología Médicas Este libro ofrece una revisión concisa de los aspectos médicamente importantes de la microbiología, abarcando los temas básicos y clínicos de la bacteriología, la virología, la micología, la parasitología y la inmunología. La información se presenta de una forma concisa, clara, interesante, actual y completa. En el texto se destacan las aplicaciones clínicas de la microbiología y de la inmunología en las enfermedades infecciosas. En las secciones de bacteriología y virología clínica, se han clasificado los microorganismos por orden de importancia patógena.

Infectología y enfermedades infecciosas – CECCHINI

Libros de Medicina en PDF Infectología y enfermedades infecciosas Un libro de consulta imprescindible para el médico infectólogo, el clínico, el cirujano y el estudiante de Medicina. Cada sección del libro recorre cuidadosa y exhaustivamente todas las enfermedades infecciosas prevalentes y los problemas infectológicos inherentes a las distintas disciplinas (Clínica, Cirugía, Traumatología, Pediatría, Cardiología, inmunocomprometidos, trasplantados, etc). En esta edición, se ha puesto especial atención en las áreas de patologías endémicas y regionales, así como en las infecciones por VIH/sida.Con la colaboración de más de 150 destacados especialistas que han tratado con profundidad cada uno de los temas abordados, Infectología

Anatomia Biologia Cardiologia Cirugia Enfermeria Farmacología Fisiología Ginecología Odontologia Oncología Otros Pediatría Psicología
Anatomía Humana 4ª Edición – Latarjet, Ruiz Liard (Tomo 1 y 2)
PhysioEx 9.0: Simulaciones de laboratorio de fisiología
Farmacología Básica y Clínica 11va Edición – Katzung Bertram G.