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Human Anatomy 4th Edition – Kenneth S. Saladin

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Human Anatomy 4th Edition Saladin’s Human Anatomy goes beyond descriptions of body structure, to read as a story that weaves together basic science, clinical applications, the history of medicine, and the evolutionary basis of human structure. Saladin combines this humanistic perspective with vibrant photos and art to convey the beauty and excitement of the subject to beginning students. New to the Fourth Edition This fourth edition has numerous textual updates, as well as enhancements to the illustration program. Among the most important changes are • Scientific and clinical updates on proteasomes (chapter 2), stem-cell

Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology 4th Edition – Stephen M. Stahl

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Application For this fourth edition of Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology you will notice there is a new look and feel. With a new layout, displayed over two columns, and an increased page size we have eliminated redundancies across chapters, have added significant new material, and yet have decreased the overall size of the book. Highlights of what has been added or changed since the 3rd edition include: – Integrating much of the basic neurosciences into the clinical chapters, thus reducing the number of introductory chapters solely covering basic

Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function 3rd Edition – Kenneth S. Saladin

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function Thank you to the colleagues and students who have made this textbook so successful and helped to ensure its staying power in a very competitive textbook niche. Several people have asked me, with this book doing so well, why I don’t retire from the classroom. The answer is that not only do I find classroom teaching the most fulfilling aspect of my profession, but also that it is my students who teach me how to write. I work continually at finding more and more effective

Molecular Biology of the SARS-Coronavirus – Sunil K. Lal

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Molecular Biology of the SARS-Coronavirus The SARS outbreak took the whole world by surprise in November 2002. It was the most unprecedented epidemic outbreak in recorded history and the first major new infectious disease of this century, unusual in its high morbidity and mortality rates and in strategically taking advantage of modern international travel to propagate itself around the world. What followed was a global havoc created by this disease, bringing the healthcare system of affected areas to a grinding halt, affecting healthcare providers, disrupting scheduled emergency surgeries and vital treatment to patients with

Prescriber’s Guide 6th edition – Stephen M. Stahl

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Prescriber’s Guide 6th edition This Guide is intended to complement Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology. Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology emphasizes mechanisms of action and how psychotropic drugs work upon receptors and enzymes in the brain. This Guide gives practical information on how to use these drugs in clinical practice. It would be impossible to include all available information about any drug in a single work, and no attempt is made here to be comprehensive. The purpose of this Guide is instead to integrate the art of clinical practice with the science of psychopharmacology. That means including only

Stretching Exercises Encyclopedia – Óscar Morán

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Stretching Exercises Encyclopedia The human body is, if one can forgive the expression, tremendously conservative. People, like most living creatures, are designed to feed, reproduce and avoid danger. All energy expenditures beyond these basic abilities are unusual among those beings who are less developed than us, from an intelligence point of view. However, as we move up in the evolutionary chain, we find movements designed for socializing, enjoyment, etc. If human beings do not need to stretch in order to carry out their daily lives, they may possibly not find the need to do

Microbiology with diseases by body system 5th edition – Robert W. Bauman

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Microbiology with diseases by body system The reemergence of whooping cough, mumps, and measles and the emergence of Zika virus infections, spotted fever rickettsioses, Middle East respiratory syndrome, and other diseases; cases of strep throat, MRSA, and tuberculosis; the progress of research into microbial genetics; the challenge of increasingly drug-resistant pathogens; the continual discovery of microorganisms previously unknown—these are just a few examples of why exploring microbiology has never been more exciting, or more important. Welcome! I have taught microbiology to undergraduates for over 30 years and witnessed firsthand how students struggle with the

Novel Coronavirus Manual – HaLaDi Family

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Novel Coronavirus Manual In December 2019, there was a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, a city with a population of around 11 million people in Hubei Province, China. A number of the initial cases had been linked with Huanan Seafood Market, the largest wholesale market of live animal and seafood in Jiangshan District, Wuhan. Investigation found that it was caused by a previously unknown virus, now named the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). So far, the disease has spread throughout 28 countries and territories, infected over 34,000 people with over 700 deaths recorded all

Paediatric dentistry 5th Edition – Richard Welbury

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Paediatric dentistry 5th Edition It is now 21 years since the first edition of Paediatric Dentistry was published. We are privileged to be a recommended text in all UK and Ireland Dental Schools and also in many Schools across the world, especially in Brazil where Paediatric Dentistry is now published in Portuguese. We welcome many new contributors to the fifth edition: Barbara Chadwick, Fiona Gilchrist, Guy Jackson, Anjali Kandiah, Sondos Albadri, Simon Stone, Susan Parekh, Kathryn Harley, Agnes Bloch-Zupan, Alex Keightley, Alexander Crighton, and Graeme Wright. It has been a pleasure to have you

Campbell biology: concepts & connections 9th edition – Jane B. Reece

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Campbell biology: concepts & connections Inspired by the thousands of students in our own classes over the years and by enthusiastic feedback from the many instructors who have used or reviewed our book, we are delighted to present this new, Ninth Edition. We authors have worked together closely to ensure that both the book and the supplementary material online reflect the changing needs of today’s courses and students, as well as current progress in biology. Titled Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections to honor Neil Campbell’s founding role and his many contributions to biology education,

Organic Chemistry 10th edition – Francis A. Carey

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Organic Chemistry 10th edition Overview The power of X-ray crystallographic analysis was cited in Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin’s 1964 Chemistry Nobel Prize Lecture: A great advantage of X-ray analysis as a method of chemical structure analysis is its power to show some totally unexpected and surprising structure with, at the same time, complete certainty. From Linus Pauling’s 1954 Nobel Prize for research on the chemical bond, to Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin’s in 1964 for solving the structure of vitamin B12 and other biochemical substances, to Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka’s in 2012 for solving the structure

Genetics A Conceptual Approach 6th edition – Benjamin A. Pierce

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Genetics A Conceptual Approach 6th edition The main goals of Genetics: A Conceptual Approach have always been to help students uncover and make connections between the major concepts of genetics. Throughout the five preceding editions of this book, its accessible writing style, simple and instructive illustrations, and useful pedagogical features have helped students develop a fuller understanding of genetics. Hallmark Features Key Concepts and Connections Throughout the book, I’ve included features to help students focus on the major concepts of each topic. Concepts boxes throughout each chapter summarize the key points of the preceding

Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2020

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2020 Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2020 (CMDT 2020) is the 59th edition of this single-source reference for practitioners in both hospital and ambulatory settings. The book emphasizes the practical features of clinical diagnosis and patient management in all fields of internal medicine and in specialties of interest to primary care practitioners and to subspecialists who provide general care. Our students have inspired us to look at issues of race and justice, which surely impact people’s health. We have therefore reviewed the content of our work to ensure that

Molecular biotechnology: principles and applications of recombinant DNA 4th ed.

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Molecular biotechnology: principles and applications of recombinant DNA Since the early 1970s, when recombinant DNA technology was first developed, there has been a veritable explosion of knowledge in the biological sciences. Since that time, with the advent of PCR, chemical DNA synthesis, DNA sequencing, monoclonal antibodies, directed mutagenesis, genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, our understanding of and ability to manipulate the biological world have grown exponentially. When the first edition of Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA was published in 1994, nearly all of the transgenic organisms that were produced included only a

Molecular Cell Biology 8th Edition – Harvey Lodish y otros

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Molecular Cell Biology In writing the eighth edition of Molecular Cell Biology, we have incorporated many of the spectacular advances made over the past four years in biomedical science, driven in part by new experimental technologies that have revolutionized many fields. Fast techniques for sequencing DNA, allied with efficient methods to generate and study mutations in model organisms and to map disease-causing mutations in humans, have illuminated a basic understanding of the functions of many cellular components, including hundreds of human genes that affect diseases such as diabetes and cancer. For example, advances in

SARS and Other Coronaviruses – Dave Cavanagh

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico SARS – and Other Coronaviruses The year 2003 was the year when the name “coronavirus” went around the world, somewhat further than the virus that sparked panic: severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV). It was spread rapidly by international, indeed transcontinental, travelers from its epicenter in China. The high mortality rate, around 10% among clinical cases, and the particularly high price paid by health care workers, spread fear globally. Public health facilities were stretched to the limit, and the effect on local economies was immense. Never before had a coronavirus made such an impact

Yoga Anatomy – Leslie Kaminoff

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Yoga Anatomy This book is by no means an exhaustive, complete study of human anatomy or the vast science of yoga. No single book possibly could be. Both fields contain a potentially infinite number of details, both macro- and microscopic—all of which are endlessly fascinating and potentially useful in certain contexts. My intention is to present what I consider to be the key details of anatomy that are of the most value and use to people who are involved in yoga, whether as students or teachers. To accomplish this, a particular context, or view,

Stretching anatomy – Arnold G. Nelson

Libros de Medicina – Rincón Médico Stretching anatomy Good flexibility is known to bring positive benefits in the muscles and joints. It aids with injury prevention, helps to minimize muscle soreness, and improves efficiency in all physical activities. Increasing flexibility can also improve quality of life and functional independence. Good flexibility aids in the elasticity of the muscles and provides a wider range of motion in the joints. It provides ease in body movements and everyday activities. A simple daily task such as bending over and tying shoes is accomplished better with flexibility. Unfortunately, flexibility is generally not a focus

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Human Anatomy 4th Edition – Kenneth S. Saladin
Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function 3rd Edition – Kenneth S. Saladin
Otorrinolaringología Cirugía de Cabeza y Cuello 7ma Edición – K. J. Lee