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Hematological Disorders in Children – Eiichi Ishii

Book Title: Hematological Disorders in Children: Pathogenesis and Treatment

Book Author: Eiichi Ishii

Book Format: EBook

Date published: 2017

Illustrator: Springer

ISBN: 978-981-10-3885-3

Number Of Pages: 268

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Hematological Disorders in Children

In recent years, the pathogenesis of hematological disorders in children has been clariied, which has led to remarkable progress in the treatment outcome for these disorders. In particular, molecular targeted therapy has been shown to have an effect on childhood leukemia refractory to conventional therapy. Further development of these strategies will enable us to use more effective and less toxic therapies for hematological disorders in the future. Here we describe the pathogenesis and treatment (present and future) of several representative hematological disorders in children, especially focusing on the genetic and molecular aspects.
Most hematological disorders in children arise from intrauterine endogenous or exogenous exposures, genetic susceptibility, or several factors after birth. A good example is the case of infant leukemia. Greaves et al.


  • Part I: Hematopoiesis
  • Part II: White Blood Cell Disorders
  • Part III: Red Blood Cell Disorders
  • Part IV: Platelet and Coagulation Disorders
  • Part V: Histiocytic Disorders
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