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Epicteto Dictionary of Medical Eponymous – Jota Dicova

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Epicteto Dictionary of Medical Eponymous
“Language” is call to the “system of human being” made with Symbols and sign (alphabet, words, letters, numbers, and images or Icons). This system is a part of the “human communication”, this is Classified in “linguistic communication” and “no linguistic Communication”.
Inside the “linguistic communication” is the “language”, is just a Little part of the entire “human communication”. However this “little System” is used to communicate the “science”, i said little because is really Little, the are billions of forms of life in this planet, there are billions of Molecules, until this century we have identified approximately the 40% of The insects.

Imagine how many diversity lives heres, how many Phenomenons happen here.
In “medicine” a little branch of “science” also is given (to us) a name For a phenomenon, krishnamurti talk about this:
Four talks at san diego state university 1970 “the word tree is not the true tree, the name krisnamurti isn’t the true Krishnamurti, the word isn’t the thing right. So when you observe, your Mind is catched in all a web of words, words, words right. You can see to Yourself without a word? Oh, let’s go, men, play the game with me, you Can, you will do? The ball is at the courtyard. That is, you can see to your Wife, to your husband, to your children, to your girlfriend, or whatever, Without a word, without the image? That word, that image is the division Right. So observe the nature, observe the light, observe the lovely Mountains in this place, observe the light on the water, just observe Without name, because the naming, the knowledge, the experience Prevens you from observe totally.”


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Title: Epicteto Dictionary of Medical Eponymous
Author: Jota Dicova
Language: English


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