Kanskis Clinical Ophthalmology A Systematic Approach 8th Edition – Brad Bowling

Titulo del libro: Kanskis Clinical Ophthalmology A Systematic Approach

Autor del libro: Brad Bowling

Edición de libro: 8ª edition

Formato de libro: EBook

Date published: 2016

Illustrator: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-7020-5572-0

Número de páginas: 881

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Kanskis Clinical Ophthalmology A Systematic Approach

I first met Jack Kanski when I rotated to The Prince Charles Eye Unit in Windsor as part of the Oxford Deanery ophthalmology residency programme. Jack had actually just retired from clinical practice, but continued to attend the unit’s weekly education meetings. As the senior registrar, I was responsible for the organization of these sessions, to which Jack brought the same qualities that have facilitated his amazing success as a medical author – his encyclopaedic knowledge of ophthalmology and unerring ability to isolate the critical issues in a topic, not to mention his incisive wit, made the meetings extraordinarily effective as well as hugely enjoyable.
Jack was aware that I had done some textbook writing previously, and after one of the teaching sessions asked me whether I would be interested in writing a basic interactive text with him for medical students and novice ophthalmologists. I was a little daunted at first – Jack had written more than thirty ophthalmology textbooks by this time – but duly proceeded; we worked together extremely well, the book was written to deadline, was critically popular and sold lots of copies.
After I left Windsor, Jack and I worked with each other again on one or two projects and kept in touch socially, and a couple of years later he raised the possibility of collaboration on the next edition of Clinical Ophthalmology. I was thrilled. I recall vividly when, just prior to my first ophthalmology post, I contacted two registrars independently to enquire about initial textbook choice, receiving a curt single-word response from both: ‘Kanski’, with the implication that there was no need to ask. Big shoes to fill.

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  • 1. Eyelids
  • 2. Lacrimal Drainage System
  • 3. Orbit
  • 4. Dry Eye Disorders
  • 5. Conjunctiva
  • 6. Cornea
  • 7. Corneal and Refractive Surgery
  • 8. Episclera and Sclera
  • 9. Lens
  • 10. Glaucoma
  • 11. Uveitis
  • 12. Ocular Tumours
  • 13. Retinal Vascular Disease
  • 14. Acquired Macular Disorders
  • 15. Hereditary Fundus Dystrophies
  • 16. Retinal Detachment
  • 17. Vitreous Opacities
  • 18. Strabismus
  • 19. Neuro-ophthalmology
  • 20. Ocular side-effects of systemic medication
  • 21. Trauma
  • Index

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