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Textbook of Ocular Trauma

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Textbook of Ocular Trauma
The most common emergency room injury after the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy involved the eyes of first responders and those who escaped the buildings before their collapse. The emergency rooms of New York City were filled with individuals who were temporarily blinded by corneal foreign bodies from the debris of the twin towers. The inability to see or open an eye due to pain can be debilitating.

Prompt emergency care prevented significant corneal pain, infections, scarring and blindness. Whether minor or severe, any individual who works in an emergency room, a trauma center or who provides eye care; should be familiar with the basics of ocular trauma care.
No matter whether the trauma is minor or severe, in an urban or rural setting, or involving an adult or child; it is imperative that the patient be medically stabilized and the eye thoroughly assessed. This book is intended for a diverse group of individuals who take care of eye injuries from the initial assessment to the final treatment. These include those in the first line of patient care: trauma physicians, emergency room physicians, physician’s assistant, nurses, medical students and residents; to the associated specialists outside of ophthalmology: ear, nose and throat (ENT), neurology, neurosurgery and others; and finally, the ophthalmologist, who is frequently the ultimate specialist that cares for the ocular trauma patient. To that end, this book contains basic information about how to conduct an initial assessment of the eye, without worsening the eye injury, while also describing detailed information about testing, radiographic and MRI studies, and finally how to medically and surgically treat the eye injury in the adult and child.


1. The Ocular Trauma Patient Encounter
2. Corneal Trauma
3. Trauma to the Anterior Chamber and Lens
4. Post-refractive Surgery Trauma
5. Glaucoma Considerations
6. Eyelids
7. The Lacrimal System
8. Enucleation
9. Orbit
10. Retina and Posterior Segment Injuries
11. Sympathetic Ophthalmia
12. Optic Nerve, Visual Pathways, Oculomotor System, and Consequences of Intracranial Injury
13. Pediatric Ocular Trauma
14. European Perspective of Ocular Trauma Management: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Considerations Based
on Our Experience

Title: Textbook of Ocular Trauma: Evaluation and Treatment
Authors: Stephen C. Kaufman, Douglas R. Lazzaro
Editorial: Springer
Language: English


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