Diagnostic Cytopathology 2nd edition – Chandra Grubb

Titulo del libro: Diagnostic Cytopathology

Book Description: Libro en Inglés

Autor del libro: Chandra Grubb

Edición de libro: 2da edición

Formato de libro: EBook

Date published: 1997

Illustrator: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 0443030502

Número de páginas: 217

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Diagnostic Cytopathology

Diagnosis of malignancy is the major objective of cytopathology. A malignant tumour is characterized by uncontrolled growth, alterations to varying extern in the structural and functional differentiation of its component ceíls, and the capacity to spread beyond the limits of the tissue of origin.

The aberrant behaviour of cáncer cells is more often than not reflected in abnormality of appearance. There is no single morphological or functional characteristic that identifies the cáncer cell. Since a cytological smear virtually never carries evidence of invasión of surrounding tissues, cytodiagnosis of malignancy is based on assessment of deviation from the normál in respect of several cellular characteristics. The relevant morphological features are, in essence, features of unregulated growth and are seen principally in the nucleus. Defects of cell maturation are manifested by changes in cytoplasmic features. Abnormality of cell function is often demonstrable by appropriate cytochemical techniques.

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  • Introduction: Cytodiagnostic approach to malignancy
  • 1. Female reprodu ctive system
  • 2. Breast
  • 3. Respiratory tract
  • 4. Serous effusions
  • 5. Cerebrospinal fluid
  • 6. Oesophago-gastrointestinal tract
  • 7. Fine needle aspiration cytology of sub-diaphragmatic lesions
  • 8. Urinary system
  • 9. Male genital system
  • 10. Lymph nodes
  • 11. Bone
  • 12. Skin and sub-cutaneous lesions
  • 13. Thyroid
  • 14. Cellular changes due to treatment

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