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Sports Medicine Essentials

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Sports Medicine Essentials Core Concepts in Athletic Training & Fitness Instruction 2nd Edition
Sports Medicine Essentials: Core Concepts in Athletic Training & Fitness Instruction, 2nd Edition encompasses the fields of athletic training and fitness instruction. It is appropriate for high school and college level students interested in athletic training or fitness instruction.
Written by a National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA)-certified athletic trainer, Sports Medicine Essentials provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to establish a career path in sports medicine in roles such as athletic trainer,

physical therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, or medical salesperson. Topics include anatomy and physiology, emergency preparedness, vital signs, basic life support, treatment and prevention of injuries, nutrition and weight control, therapeutic modalities, and physical rehabilitation.
Students in sports medicine have to be multifaceted. All facets of sports medicine are included within the chapters. Additionally, Sports Medicine Essentials provides an introduction to injury evaluation, rehabilitation, fitness evaluation, strength and conditioning, taping and wrapping techniques, and medical sales.
The need for well-trained athletic trainers now and in the future is substantial in high schools as well as many other levels. With the changes in health insurance coverage, self-knowledge in health care is also very important. The goal of Sports Medicine Essentials is to ensure that the student is given a well-rounded view of the field of sports medicine.


CHAPTER 1: Careers in Sports Medicine
CHAPTER 2: Athletic Training
CHAPTER 3: Strength and Conditioning Specialist
CHAPTER 4: Ethical and Legal Considerations
CHAPTER 5: Physical Fitness Assessment
CHAPTER 6: Nutrition and Weight Management
CHAPTER 7: Physical Conditioning
CHAPTER 8: Designing a Conditioning Program
CHAPTER 9: Emergency Preparedness and Assessment
CHAPTER 10: Assembling the First Aid Kits and Equipment Bags
CHAPTER 11: Infection Control
CHAPTER 12: Vital Signs Assessment
CHAPTER 13: Basic Life Support
CHAPTER 14: Injuries to the Tissues
CHAPTER 15: Injuries to the Head and Spine
CHAPTER 16: Injuries to the Upper Extremities
CHAPTER 17: Injuries to the Chest and Abdomen
CHAPTER 18: Injuries to the Pelvis and Lower Extremities
CHAPTER 19: Environmental Conditions
CHAPTER 20: Medical Conditions
CHAPTER 21: Taping and Wrapping
CHAPTER 22: Return to Play
CHAPTER 23: Therapeutic Modalities
CHAPTER 24: Physical Rehabilitation
CHAPTER 25: The Selling Point: Promoting Fitness Products and Services

Title: Sports Medicine Essentials
Core Concepts in Athletic Training & Fitness Instruction
Edition: 2nd Edition
Author: Jim Clover


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