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Ross and Wilson Anatomy & Physiology in Health and Illness 12th Edition

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Ross and Wilson Anatomy & Physiology 12th Edition
Ross and Wilson has been a core text for students of anatomy and physiology for over 50 years. This latest edition continues to be aimed at healthcare professionals including nurses, students of nursing, the allied health professions and complementary therapies, paramedics and ambulance technicians, many of whom have found previous editions invaluable. It retains the straightforward approach to the description of body systems and how they work. The anatomy and physiology of health is supplemented by new sections describing common age-related changes to structure and function, before considering the pathology and pathophysiology of some important disorders and diseases.

The human body is presented system by system. The reader must, however, remember that physiology is an integrated subject and that, although the systems are considered in separate chapters, all function cooperatively to maintain health. The first three chapters provide an overview of the body and describe its main structures.
The later chapters are organised into three further sections, reflecting those areas essential for normal body function: communication; intake of raw materials and elimination of waste; and protection and survival. Much of the material for this edition has been revised and rewritten. Many of the diagrams have been revised and, based on reader feedback, more new coloured electron micrographs and photographs have been included to provide detailed and enlightening views of many anatomical features.
This edition is accompanied by a companion website ( with over 100 animations and an extensive range of online self-test activities that reflect the content of each chapter. The material in this textbook is also supported by the new 4th edition of the accompanying study guide, which gives students who prefer paper-based activities the opportunity to test their learning and improve their knowledge.
The features from the previous edition have been retained and revised, including learning outcomes, a list of common prefixes, suffixes and roots, and extensive in-text chapter cross-references. The comprehensive glossary has been extended. New sections outlining the implications of normal ageing on the structure and function of body systems have been prepared for this edition. Some biological values, extracted from the text, are presented as an appendix for easy reference. In some cases, slight variations in ‘normals’ may be found in other texts and used in clinical practice.


Section 1: The body and its constituents
1. Introduction to the human body
2. Introduction to the chemistry of life
3. The cells, tissues and organisation of the body

Section 2: Communication
4. The blood
5. The cardiovascular system
6. The lymphatic system
7. The nervous system
8. The special senses
9. The endocrine system

Section 3: Intake of raw materials and elimination of waste
10. The respiratory system
11. Introduction to nutrition
12. The digestive system
13. The urinary system

Section 4: Protection and survival
14. The skin
15. Resistance and immunity
16. The musculoskeletal system
17. Introduction to genetics
18. The reproductive systems

Title: Ross and Wilson Anatomy & Physiology
Edition: 12th Edition
Authors: Anne Waugh, Allison Grant
Language: English


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