“Cosmetics and Dermatological Problems and Solutions”

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“Cosmetics and Dermatological Problems and Solutions”
It is a great pleasure to write the foreward to the third edition of Dr. Zoe Draelos’s textbook, Cosmetics and Dermatological Problems and Solutions. Zoe has a long interest in this area and has made major contributions to the field through the application of scientific principles to the evaluation of the efficacy of cosmetic products. Her training as an engineer, clinical researcher and clinical dermatologist are a unique combination
in this field and the result is a new level of understanding of the wide variety of agents that are used as cosmetics. This book is a testament to Dr. Draelos’s commitment to
educating dermatologists about the wide variety of products available to our patients and on the scientific basis for cosmetics.
This is a benefit to all dermatologists as we attempt to answer the many questions our patients have regarding the vast array of products and confusing advertising that confront us all daily. The third edition continues on the foundation of the first two editions. It is comprehensive, including the vast array of products that our patients may utilize. It is however more than a list, in that Zoe has included the proposed mechanisms of action of each product. Finally, this book is an independent effort including all products without regard to any specific member of the cosmetic industry. Cosmetics and Dermatological Problems and Solutions is an important contribution to our specialty and will be useful to the experienced dermatologist and residents alike


I: Facial cosmetic dermatology
II: Cosmetics in dermatology of the body
III: Hair
IV: Nail

Title: “Cosmetics and Dermatological Problems and Solutions”
Author: Zoe Diana Draelos
Language: English

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