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Handbook of Nutrition in Heart Health

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Handbook of Nutrition in Heart Health
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality remains the primary cause of death worldwide, despite the decline in developed countries. CVD includes a variety of heart and vascular conditions: hypertensive heart disease, stroke, and ischemic heart disease. Some risk factors such as age, gender, and family history cannot be changed. Other causes, including diet, tobacco, drugs of abuse, alcohol, and lack of exercise, can be altered. In this book, experts review the validity of various dietary approaches in prevention and treatment of CVD for promotion of heart health.

In summary, nutrients, nutraceuticals, macronutrients, and gastrointestinal microbes modified by prebiotics and probiotics play important roles in heart health and disease.The five sections in the book give an overview of the role of vitamins and minerals, nutrition and nutrition counselling, dietary supplements, herbs and foods, protein and energy, and microbes. A useful part of the chapters in this book are the key facts and summary points.

Table of contents:

Vitamins and minerals in heart Health

1. The effectiveness of antioxidant vitamins in reducing myocardial infarct size in patients subjected to percutaneous coronary angioplasty
2. The role of carotenoids, vitamin E and vitamin D in cardiovascular health
3. Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease
4. Vitamins and coronary artery disease
5. Genomic and nongenomic controls of vitamin D on cardiovascular health and disease
6. Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease and heart failure prevention

Nutrition and nutrition counseling in heart function and growth

7. The role of diet in systemic and neural inflammation in obesity and metabolic syndrome
8. Role of food groups and dietary patterns in heart health
9. Estimating changes in cardiovascular disease burden through modelling studies
10. Advances of effects of copper on cardiovascular health

Dietary supplements, herbs and foods in Health

11. Taurine exposure affects cardiac function and disease
12. Environmental causes of cardiovascular disease
13. Bioactive nutrients potential impact on cardio-metabolic risk factors
14. Dietary considerations for reducing cardiometabolic risk in older adults
15. Phytosterol consumption and coronary artery disease
16. The role of dietary saturated fatty acids in cardiovascular disease
17. Bioactive attributes of traditional leafy vegetable Talinum triangulare
18. Bioactive foods and herbs in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
19. Epidemiological aspects underlying the association between dietary salt intake and hypertension
20. Resveratrol and metabolic syndrome in obese men – a review

Protein and energy in heart Health

21. Effect of dairy products consumption on heart health and cardio-metabolic risk factors
22. The French paradox revisited: cardioprotection via hormesis, red wine and resveratrol

Microbes in heart Health

23. The gut microbiota in heart health – do probiotics and prebiotics have a role?
24. Heart health and microorganisms: the unexpected beat
25. Health perspectives of medicinal macrofungi of southwestern India

Author: Ronald Ross Watson
Year: 2017
Pages: 550
Language: English
File format: PDF
Category: Nutrition


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