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Diet Drugs – Peggy J. Parks

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Diet Drugs – Peggy J. Parks
As modern civilization continues to evolve, its ability to create, store, distribute, and access information expands exponentially. The explosion of information from all media continues to increase at a phenomenal rate. By 2020 some experts predict the worldwide information base will double every seventy-three days.

While access to diverse sources of information and perspectives is paramount to any democratic society, information alone cannot help people gain knowledge and understanding.
Information must be organized and presented clearly and succinctly in order to be understood. The challenge in the digital age becomes not the creation of information, but how best to sort, organize, enhance, and present information.
ReferencePoint Press developed the Compact Research series with this challenge of the information age in mind. More than any other subject area today, researching current issues can yield vast, diverse, and unqualified information that can be intimidating and overwhelming for even the most advanced and motivated researcher. The Compact Research series offers a compact, relevant, intelligent, and conveniently organized collection of information covering a variety of current topics ranging from illegal immigration and deforestation to diseases such as anorexia and meningitis.


Diet Drugs at a Glance
What Are Diet Drugs?

  • Primary Source Quotes
  • Facts and Illustrations
  • How Effective Are Diet Drugs?

  • Primary Source Quotes
  • Facts and Illustrations
  • What Are the Health Risks of Diet Drugs?

  • Primary Source Quotes
  • Facts and Illustrations
  • How Big a Problem Is Diet-Drug Fraud?

  • Primary Source Quotes
  • Facts and Illustrations
  • Key People and Advocacy Groups
    Related Organizations
    For Further Research
    Source Notes
    List of Illustrations
    About the Author

    Title: Diet Drugs
    Author: Peggy J. Parks
    Editorial: ReferencePoint Press
    Language: English


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