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The Whole Story Alternative medicine on trial? – Toby Murcott

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The Whole Story Alternative medicine on trial?
I spent eight years as a research biochemist. Throughout that time I lived with Sam, a large, ginger neutered tom cat. He had moved in with no fur on his belly and back legs – apparently as a result of fleas – and a medicine cabinet of powerful and expensive steroids. I decided that if fleas were causing Sam’s baldness then I would deal with them rather than spend my meagre funds on cat steroids. So I bought him a flea collar and dusted him down with flea powder.

Before long his fur had grown back.
Ten years later Sam became lethargic and lost interest in his food. The vet diagnosed kidney failure and gave him a few weeks, or at most a couple of months, to live. I’d grown very fond of Sam, so despite it being against my better, scientifically trained, judgement, I followed a friend’s advice and took him to a homeopathic vet.


1. introduction
2. medicine’s conundrum
3. the advocates
4. the critics
5. the gold standard tarnished
6. measuring the unmeasurable
7. hints of understanding
8. a new model
9. the evidence leads
10. conclusion
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Title: The Whole Story Alternative medicine on trial?
Author: Toby Murcott
Language: English


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