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The Power of Posture

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The Power of Posture
The purpose of this book is to use muscular structural integration to implement the physical aspects of biological stainability to the human body.
The concept of biological stainability is perhaps the most pressing issue presently facing us as humans, more so than any other point in our species’ existence.

For the majority of our existence, we adapted to an environment that was much different to the one we live in today. We evolved into a world where our primary adaptations were biological in regards to our natural environment. We worked as tribal civilizations that would hunt and gather in a cooperative manner within our tribe, while competing with other species for survival. Due to the competition with other species, the slow progressive inclusion of technology would slowly start to influence our biological adaptations. For example: roughly 1 million years ago, man discovered how to use and manipulate fire.
This discovery led a human to figure out how to cook meat, which invariably brought about a change in human evolution via the influence of diet. Since the changes at this point in time were still relatively gradual, humans were capable of making effective adaptations with very few negative byproducts.


I. Integrating To A New World
II. Why Posture is Important
III. What is an Ideal Posture
IV. Introduction to Muscular Structural Integration
V. Application of Muscular Structural Integration
VI. Applying Proper Myofascial Release
VII. Neutral Standing Position
VIII. Application of Neutral Standing Position
EXERCISE: Standing Bridge
EXERCISE: Breathing
EXERCISE: Full Breath Cycle
EXERCISES: Wall Retractions
EXERCISE: Prone Cobra
EXERCISE: Overhead Depression
EXERCISE: Posture Applied

Title: The Power of Posture
The Ultimate Guide for Building a Functional Body
Author: Naudi Aguilar, Ramon Gallegos
Language: English


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