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Microbiology with diseases by body system 5th edition – Robert W. Bauman

Titulo del libro: Microbiology with diseases by body system

Autor del libro: Robert W. Bauman

Edición de libro: 5th edition

Formato de libro: EBook

Date published: 2018

Illustrator: PEARSON

ISBN: 0-134-47720-0

Número de páginas: 939

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Microbiology with diseases by body system

The reemergence of whooping cough, mumps, and measles and the emergence of Zika virus infections, spotted fever rickettsioses, Middle East respiratory syndrome, and other diseases; cases of strep throat, MRSA, and tuberculosis; the progress of research into microbial genetics; the challenge of increasingly drug-resistant pathogens; the continual discovery of microorganisms previously unknown—these are just a few examples of why exploring microbiology has never been more exciting, or more important. Welcome!
I have taught microbiology to undergraduates for over 30 years and witnessed firsthand how students struggle with the same topics and concepts year after year. To address these challenging topics, I have created new Video Tutors: four in addition to those already incorporated into the first 18 chapters of the text and ten that cover the Disease in Depth features. The Video Tutors and Disease in Depth features walk students through key concepts in microbiology, bringing the art of the textbook to life and important concepts into view. In creating this textbook, my aim was to help students see complex topics of microbiology—especially metabolism, genetics, and immunology in a way that they can understand, while at the same time presenting a thorough and accurate overview of microbiology. I also wished to highlight the many positive effects of microorganisms on our lives, along with the medically important microorganisms that cause disease.

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  • 1. A Brief History of Microbiology
  • 2. The Chemistry of Microbiology
  • 3. Cell Structure and Function
  • 4. Microscopy, Staining, and Classification
  • 5. Microbial Metabolism
  • 6. Microbial Nutrition and Growth
  • 7. Microbial Genetics
  • 8. Recombinant DNA Technology
  • 9. Controlling Microbial Growth in the Environment
  • 10. Controlling Microbial Growth in the Body: Antimicrobial Drugs
  • 11. Characterizing and Classifying Prokaryotes
  • 12. Characterizing and Classifying Eukaryotes
  • 13. Characterizing and Classifying Viruses, Viroids, and Prions
  • 14. Infection, Infectious Disease, and Epidemiology
  • 15. Innate Immunity
  • 16. Adaptive Immunity
  • 17. Immunization and Immune Testing
  • 18. Immune Disorders
  • 19. Microbial Diseases of the Skin and Wounds
  • 20. Microbial Diseases of the Nervous System and Eyes
  • 21. Microbial Cardiovascular and Systemic Diseases
  • 22. Microbial Diseases of the Respiratory System
  • 23. Microbial Diseases of the Digestive System
  • 24. Microbial Diseases of the Urinary and Reproductive Systems
  • 25. Applied and Industrial Microbiology
  • 26. Microbial Ecology and Microbiomes
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