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Human Embryology and Developmental Biology 6th edition – Bruce M. Carlson

Titulo del libro: Human Embryology and Developmental Biology

Autor del libro: Bruce M. Carlson

Edición de libro: 6th edition

Formato de libro: EBook

Date published: 2019

Illustrator: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-323-52375-2

Número de páginas: 498

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Human Embryology and Developmental Biology

One would think that by the time a textbook is entering its sixth edition, finding something new to say about it would be difficult. The pace of progress in embryology, however, ensures that each edition is brimming with new facts and new interpretations of old facts. As was the case in the last edition, the major difficulty is deciding what is appropriate to include in a textbook. Most new findings at the level of the cell and above have been included.
At the molecular level, however, I have chosen to highlight principally major pathways and molecules. Even this approach is proving to be increasingly difficult because at the molecular level, much of the action takes place in the form of networks rather than straightforward linear pathways. As has been the approach in previous editions, I have often selected one or a small number of genes or modifying factors that are involved in the construction of a particular structure instead of providing a string of many molecules that might not be very illuminating to the beginning student.
Those familiar with the previous edition will note a large number of new illustrations. The new drawings come from the digital pen of my highly talented artist, Alexandra Baker, who has the remarkable talent of converting my preliminary sketches into beautiful and user- friendly figures. This edition also includes a large number of photographs from the research literature and a variety of other sources that illustrate, with real examples, points that are highlighted in the text. Of particular note are additional photographs from Dr. Jan Jirásek, who assembled a wonderful collection of human embryos and found new ways to represent them in film.

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  • Developmental Tables
Part 1. Early Developmental and the Fetal-Maternal Relationship 
  • 1. Getting Ready for Pregnancy
  • 2. Transport of Gametes and Fertilization
  • 3. Molecular Basis for Embryonic Development
  • 4. Cleavage and Implantation
  • 5. Formation of Germ Layers and Early Derivatives
  • 6. Establishment of the Basic Embryonic Body Plan
  • 7. Placenta and Extraembryonic Membranes
  • 8. Developmental Disorders: Causes, Mechanisms, and Patterns
Part 2. Development of the Body Systems  
  • 9. Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems
  • 10. Limb Development
  • 11. Nervous System
  • 12. Neural Crest
  • 13. Sense Organs
  • 14. Head and Neck
  • 15. Digestive and Respiratory Systems and Body Cavities
  • 16. Urogenital System
  • 17. Cardiovascular System
  • 18. Fetal Period and Birth
  • Answers to Clinical Vignettes and Review Questions
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