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Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Child and Adolescent Care

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Complementary and Alternative Median for Child and Adolescent Care
There are a number of excellent books on the market addressing the role of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in nursing, midwifery and physio-therapy (Rankin-Box 2001, Tiran 2000, Charman, 2000) which review, in general, a range of themes relevant to the discipline. As far as possible I have tried to avoid going over the same ground in this book, however, there will be inevitably some overlap. In addition I have assumed that the reader has a prior level of knowledge covering paediatric, professional and legal issues in nursing.

I, therefore, aim to focus this book on the specific issues relating to the use of CAM therapies and in particular to their use in paediatric care. The review is not, and probably could never be, comprehensive, since the diversity of the world of CAM means that any text is unlikely to be comprehensive. I apologise if some readers are disappointed that their particular interests have not been included. However, in an attempt to ensure that the text ineludes a diversity of approaches I have included not only those CAM therapies for which there is a high standard of scientific evidence and which are supported by the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology (2000), but also other readily available over-the-counter remedies, which parents and children may be using as part of their healthcare options. These have been included because nurses will need to have a working knowledge of the mode of action, safety levels and potential inter-actions of these interventions when discussing their use in the care of a child. This decisión was based on my experience as a health visitor during which time I fre-quently visited families who routinely used CAM as part of their health care.


Section 1: Professional issues
Chapter 1. Complementary and alternative medicine
Chapter 2. Clinical effectiveness, clínical supervision and legal and professional issues

Section 2: 0-11 years
Chapter 3. Problems related to breathing
Chapter 4. Problems related to rest and sleep
Chapter 5. Problems related to pain
Chapter 6. Problems related to caring and drinking
Chapter 7. Problems related to elimination
Chapter 8. Problems related to mobility
Chapter 9. Problems related to washing and dressing

Section 3: 11-18 years
Chapter 10. Problems svith communication
Chapter 11. Problems related to sleep
Chapter 12. Problems related to expressing sexuality
Chapter 13. Problems related to washing and dressing
Chapter 14. Problems witb earing and drinking
Chapter 15. Problems witb elimination
Chapter 16. Problems related to working and playing Recommended reading
Appendix 1. CAM usage client assessment tool
Appendix 2. Useful addresses
Appendix 3. Useful web sites

Title: Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Child and Adolescent Care
Author: Fiona Mantle
Language: English


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