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Pathophysiology Porth 8th edition Concepts of Altered Health States – Carol Mattson Porth, Glenn Matfin

Descargar Libros Gratis Pathophysiology Porth 8th edition Concepts of Altered Health States This is the Eighth Edition of the comprehensive and well­respected text and reference of pathophysiology. As a nurse­physiologist, Carol Porth uniquely emphasizes “concepts” of altered health states, as opposed to factual descriptions of diseases and disorders. This conceptual model integrates the developmental and preventative aspects of health. By taking this physiologic approach, the author ensures a comprehension of the whole of body function. By integrating all of the aspects of the human body into a total functional whole, the student can grasp both the physical and psychological aspects

Essentials of Pathophysiology – Carol Mattson Porth

Datos del Libro Essentials of Pathophysiology – Carol Mattson Porth Designed to provide students with essential concepts of disease processes and altered health states, this text is ideal for both discrete and integrated pathophysiology courses. The Second Edition has over 200 new and revised illustrations and incorporates a new feature “Understanding”, which uses large pieces of art to outline key processes using a step-by-step approach. The text continues to include such favorite features as: key concept boxes, color-coded summaries, and icons to delineate special considerations for children, the elderly, and pregnant women.

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