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Atlas of Non-Gynecologic Cytology

Titulo del libro: Atlas of Non-Gynecologic Cytology

Autor del libro: Xin Jing, Momin T. Siddiqui, Qing Kay Li

Formato de libro: EBook

Date published: 2018

Illustrator: Springer

ISBN: 978-3-319-89674-8

Número de páginas: 306


Atlas of Anatomic Pathology
As we all know, cytology not only provides an accurate diagnosis at the cellular level by using minimally invasive procedures but also provides material for molecular characterization of a lesion/tumor for targeted therapy. In the era of personalized medicine, cytology has continued to grow and evolve as a critical diagnostic tool. Recently, the diagnostic criteria of tumors have become more refined, and certain terminology has been changed based on current TCGA (the Cancer Genome Atlas) data and WHO classifications. Therefore, it is necessary to update our knowledge and terminology in cytology.
In this book, we focus on all aspects of non-gynecologic cytopathology, from key features of benign and malignant lesions to diagnostic pearls and ancillary testing. Although this book is written by multiple authors, all chapters follow a similar format: brief introduction of the specific organ/system (including types of specimens and techniques to obtain samples), description of normal findings, and a practical approach to diagnose benign and malignant lesions. The key cytomorphological features and main differential diagnoses of lesions are also summarized in concise tables. Images in each chapter are instructive and represent findings. It also retains the quality and clarity of the Atlas of Anatomic Pathology series, and, like other volumes, this volume aims to be concise and comprehensive yet clinically relevant to daily practice. We also discuss important ancillary tests in each chapter, such as flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and molecular testing, which are crucial for an accurate diagnosis and differential diagnosis as well as for targeted therapy. The updated knowledge, key cytomorphological features, current terminology, and molecular diagnostic tests are the highlights of this book.

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  • 1. Salivary Gland Fine Needle Aspiration
  • 2. Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology
  • 3. Breast Cytology
  • 4. Pulmonary Cytology
  • 5. Gastrointestinal Cytology
  • 6. Pancreaticobiliary Tract Cytology
  • 7. Liver Cytology
  • 8. Kidney and Adrenal Gland Cytology
  • 9. Urine Cytology
  • 10. Serous Effusion Cytology
  • 11. Lymph Node Cytology
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