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USMLE Road Map Pathology – George R. Wettach, Thomas W. Palmrose, Terry K. Morgan

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USMLE Road Map Pathology
Our goal is to provide an essential resource complementing the speed of online reviews (eg, WebPath) and the rich detail of Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease. We organized USMLE Road Map: Pathology like a routine physical examination, including the clinical presentation, diagnostic features, and prognostic indications of conditions encountered on the wards and on the boards. We hope you find this approach to pathology effective.
It takes a village to prepare a manuscript of this scope and depth.
We are very grateful for the time and expertise provided by our contributing authors. Special thanks to Susan Carley Oliver for composing the images and figures. We thank Drs. Donald Houghton, David Sauer, Susan Sharp, and Shirley Welch, as well as Lisa Lee Pate, Sarah Blundell, Kay Larkin, Tera Jones, Katherine Krupela, Sherry Davis, and Jon Alexander for their photographic contributions and editorial comments. We also thank our pathology medical student fellows for reviewing early drafts of this manuscript and providing detailed comments.
Finally, we offer special thanks to Harriet Lebowitz, Kirsten Funk, and Jennifer Bernstein for their patience and hard work preparing this manuscript for publication.


Using the USMLE Road Map Series for Successful Review v

1. Autopsy and Forensic Medicine: Cellular Injury and Repair
2. Molecular Diagnostics
3. Skin
4. Head and Neck
5. Oral Cavity and Dentition
6. Heart and Circulation
7. Lung
8. Gastrointestinal Tract
9. Liver and Biliary Tract
10. Kidney and Lower Urinary Tract
11. Endocrine and Nutrition
12. Breast
13. Female Reproductive Tract and Placenta
14. Male Genital Tract
15. Bone and Soft Tissue
16. Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nerves, and Skeletal Muscle
17. Lymph Nodes, Bone Marrow, Spleen, and Thymus
18. Bleeding Disorders and Transfusion Medicine
19. Pediatric Pathology and Congenital Syndromes
20. Immune System Mediated Disease

Title: USMLE Road Map Pathology
Authors: George R. Wettach, Thomas W. Palmrose, Terry K. Morgan
Language: English


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