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Plagues and Epidemics

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Plagues and Epidemics
1 Plagues and Epidemics in Anthropological Perspective
2 Ecosyndemics: Global Warming and the Coming Plagues of the Twenty-first Century
3 Pressing Plagues: On the Mediated Communicability of Virtual Epidemics
4 On Creating Epidemics, Plagues, and Other Wartime Alarums and Excursions: Enumerating versus Estimating Civilian Mortality in Iraq
5 Avian Influenza and the Third Epidemiological Transition
6 Deconstructing an Epidemic: Cholera in Gibraltar
7 The End of a Plague? Tuberculosis in New Zealand

8 Epidemics and Time: Influenza and Tuberculosis during and after the 1918–1919 Pandemic
9 Everyday Mortality in the Time of Plague: Ordinary People in Massachusetts before and during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic
10 The Coming Plague of Avian Influenza
11 Past into Present: History and the Making of Knowledge about HIV/AIDS and Aboriginal People
12 Accounting for Epidemics: Mathematical Modeling and Anthropology
13 Social Inequalities and Dengue Transmission in Latin America
14 From Plague, an Epidemic Comes: Recounting Disease as Contamination and Configuration
15 Making Plagues Visible: Yellow Fever, Hookworm, and Chagas’ Disease, 1900–1950
16 Metaphors of Malaria Eradication in Cold War Mexico
17 “Steady with Custom”: Mediating HIV Prevention in the Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea
18 Explaining Kuru: Three Ways to Think about an Epidemic
Autores: D. Ann Herring, Alan C. Swedlund
Editorial: Berg
Edición: 1ª
Año: 2010
Páginas: 417
Idioma: Inglés

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