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Oxford Handbook of Urology Third edition

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Oxford Handbook of Urology Third edition
Urology continues to be one of the most rapidly advancing specialities. Approximately 20% of all surgical operations and a similar percentage of surgical emergencies are urological in nature. However, often doctors have very limited experience of the many common and varied conditions encountered in this important surgical specialty. For the doctor or nurse expected to provide the initial assessment and management of a condition with which he or she has had very limited experience, this handbook provides an invaluable source of information and advice.

Covering a wide spectrum of diseases and their treatment in the field of urology and surgical aspects of kidney, bladder, prostate and scrotal disorders, this handbook aims to give a brief overview of many different urological subjects including urological emergencies, cancers, infections, children’s disorders and kidney stone disease. It is designed so that it can be quickly and efficiently accessed by a range of professionals involved in patient care, including medical students, nurses, surgical and urology doctors and general practitioners.

Thoroughly revised for the third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Urology covers all recent guidelines and criteria including the significant advances in medical and surgical options that are now available to patients; key papers and national recommendations in the field of neurourology; expanded information on medical therapy of bladder overactivity with relevant anticholinergic drug trials and evidence; and brand new information on the subject of urethral diverticulum. An invaluable tool relevant not only to specialist trainees and specialist registrars on urology and surgical rotations, but also to general practitioners, emergency staff and the growing number of urological specialist nurses.


1. General principles of patient management
2. Significance of urological symptoms
3. Urological investigations
4. Bladder outlet obstruction
5. Incontinence
6. Infections and inflammatory conditions
7. Urological neoplasia
8. Miscellaneous urological disease of the kidney
9. Stone disease
10. Upper tract obstruction, loin pain, hydronephrosis
11. Trauma and other urological emergencies
12. Infertility
13. Sexual health
14. Neuropathic bladder
15. Pregnancy
16. Paediatric urology
17. Urological surgery and equipment
18. Basic science
19. Urological eponyms

Title: Oxford Handbook of Urology
Edition: Third edition
Authrs: John Reynard, Simon Brewster, Suzanne Biers
Series: Oxford Medical Handbooks
Language: English


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