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Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology – Alan Hakim, Gavin Clunie, Inam Haq

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Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology
At last, a unique practical pocket guide emphasizing the clinical evidence-based approach to Rheumatology.
Rheumatic conditions are common both in general and hospital practice and the breadth and complexity of rheumatic conditions that general practitioners and specialists encounter is quite astounding. Developing history-taking and clinical examination skills is fundamental to making a diagnosis and successful long-term monitoring of rheumatic conditions. The Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology is a practical, clinical guide to the diagnosis and management of rheumatic disorders.

Section 1 takes the reader through common patterns of disease presentation and encourages the reader to consider differential diagnosis and then refer to Section 2. Section 1 also contains some aspects of the general management of rheumatic diseases, particularly the principles of pain assessment, soft tissue and joint injections, and physiotherapy.
Section 2 is a more formal and traditional review of the common rheumatic disorders. Each subsection introduces important diagnostic and therapeutic detail without burdening the reader with fundamental basic science. The second section has been written with an international audiesnce in mind, incorporating UK, European, and US disease criteria where possible.
The Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology highlights childhood and adolescent rheumatic disease throughout and is written in conjunction with the celebrated major reference work, the Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology.

Part I: The presentation of rheumatic disease
1. Evaluating musculoskeletal symptoms
2. Regional musculoskeletal conditions: making a working diagnosis
3. Patterns of disease presentation: making a working diagnosis
4. The spectrum of non-musculoskeletal disorders in rheumatic disease

Part II: The clinical features and management of rheumatic diseases
5. Rheumatoid arthritis
6. Osteoarthritis
7. The crystal arthropathies
8. The spondyloarthropathies
9. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
10. Systemic lupus erythematosus
11. The antiphospholipid (antibody) syndrome
12. Sjögren’s syndrome
13. Systemic sclerosis and related disorders
14. Idiopathic infl ammatory myopathies: polymyositis and dermatomyositis
15. Primary vasculitides
16. Metabolic bone diseases and disorders of collagen
17. Infection and rheumatic disease
18. Miscellaneous conditions
19. Common upper limb musculoskeletal lesions
20. Back pain

Part III: Medicine management and emergencies
21. Drugs used in rheumatology
22. Corticosteroid injection therapy
23. Complementary and alternative medicine in rheumatology
24. Rheumatological emergencies

Title: Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology
Authors: Alan Hakim, Gavin Clunie, Inam Haq
Edition: Third edition
Language: English


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