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Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health 2nd Edition

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Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health 2nd Edition
This second edition of the former newcomer to the handbook series covers the broad fi eld of occupational health (OH) and wellbeing. It is aimed primarily at occupational health professionals from all disciplines, including general practitioners (GPs) who practise OH on a sessional basis and a new breed of non-medical case managers who advise on occupational rehabilitation. The book will also be useful for trainees in occupational medicine who are preparing for professional examinations.
We have retained the basic structure and features of the fi rst edition which received good feedback from readers. Six main areas (occupational hazards, occupational diseases, OH practice, specialist disciplines, practical procedures, and emergencies) are covered in twelve sections.

The new edition still provides a ‘quick look-up’ tool (particularly for specific hazards and diseases), and gives a structured overview of some important operational issues such as service provision and the legal framework. The specialist chapters (occupational hygiene, toxicology, epidemiology, environmental medicine, and safety science) aim to give an overall approach to problem-solving, helping to identify the need for (and interpretation of) specialist advice. The inevitable overlap between topics has been minimized by cross-referencing other pages in the handbook, but we have deliberately retained limited duplication where this avoids excessive ‘fl itting’ between pages.
The new material for the second edition refl ects developments in the fi eld of OH and the increasing web-based information store. The principal changes are:
• The updating and signposting of evidence-based and other important guidance where applicable for each topic, including more web references than the previous edition.
• A new emphasis on wellbeing to refl ect the changing role of OH practitioners in optimizing health at work, and minimizing the negative impact of work loss on health.
• New pages on managing chronic pain, psychological therapies, managing psychiatric emergencies, REACH legislation, obesity, policy writing, voice disorders, and evidence-based guidelines in OH.


Section 1: Occupational hazards
1. Physical hazards
2. Chemical hazards
3. Biological hazards
4. Mechanical and ergonomics hazards
5. Psychosocial hazards

Section 2: Occupational diseases
6. Occupational infections
7. Respiratory and cardiovascular disorders
8. Skin disorders
9. Musculoskeletal disorders
10. Gastrointestinal and urinary tract disorders
11. Eye disorders
12. Neurological disorders
13. Psychiatric disorders
14. Reproductive disorders
15. Haematological disorders
16. Medically unexplained occupational disorders

Section 3: Occupational health practice
17. Operational issues
18. Ethics
19. Policies
20. Sickness absence, rehabilitation, and retirement
21. Principles of risk assessment and risk management
22. Health surveillance

Section 4: Fitness for work
23. Generic fi tness for work issues and specifi c disorders
24. Fitness for specifi c work

Section 5: Occupational health law
25. UK health and safety legislation
26. Employment law
27. Legislation related to occupational health records
28. Environmental legislation

Section 6: Occupational hygiene
29. Occupational hygiene overview
30. Monitoring exposure
31. Biological monitoring
32. Prevention and control of exposure

Section 7: Toxicology
33. Principles of toxicology

Section 8: Epidemiology in occupational health
34. Epidemiology

Section 9: Environmental medicine
35. Environmental protection

Section 10: Safety science
36. Safety science

Section 11: Practical procedures
37. Clinical tasks and procedures
38. Non-clinical tasks and procedures

Section 12: Emergencies in occupational health
39. Acute poisoning
40. Non-chemical emergencies
41. Terrorism

Title: Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health
Edition: 2nd Edition
Authors: Julia Smedley, Finlay Dick, Steven Sadhra
Language: English


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