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Oxford Desk Reference Critical Care

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Oxford Desk Reference Critical Care
Intensive care medicine is an evolving speciality in which the amount of available information is growing daily and increasingly, textbooks refl ect this in terms of their size. Size and immediate clinical utility are often inversely related and ‘bottom line’ practicality is drowned in comprehensive discussion. The natural habitat of this new textbook of critical care and emergency medicine is on the desktops of Intensive Care units, High Dependency units, acute medical or surgical wards, Accident & Emergency departments and maybe even operating theatres where it is easily accessible with useful and relevant information.

While aimed primarily at a specialist readership including clinicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals in Critical Care, Anaesthesia and the acute specialities, we hope it will fi nd a niche with anyone involved in care of the critically ill, whether in specialist areas or in the wards.
It is intended that the key feature of this book is ease of access to up-to-date relevant evidenced-based information regarding the management of commonly encountered conditions, techniques, and problems in those who are critically ill. Most importantly that it is practical and useful. The content of the book is based, wherever possible and useful, upon the latest sets of guidelines from national or international bodies (e.g. Society of Critical Care Medicine, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine). We hope the book will be useful not only in the United Kingdom, but to anyone using international guidelines. Indeed, the range of invited authors incorporates a large number of countries but for all, the common theme is management of the critically ill.
To facilitate the key aim of rapid and easy access to information, the book is designed such that each subject will form a self-contained topic in its own right, laid out across two (or, for larger subjects, up to four) pages. This format facilitates the use of the book as a desk reference and we envisage that it will be consulted in the clinic or ward setting for information on the optimum management of a particular condition.
It is the fervent wish of the editors that this book, one in a series of desk top books from Oxford University Press, becomes a valuable tool in the management of critically ill patients.


1. Respiratory therapy techniques
2. Cardiovascular therapy techniques
3. Renal therapy techniques
4. Gastrointestinal therapy techniques
5. Nutrition
6. Respiratory monitoring
7. Cardiovascular monitoring
8. Neurological monitoring
9. Fluids
10. Respiratory drugs
11. Cardiovascular drugs
12. Gastrointestinal drugs
13. Neurological drugs
14. Haematological drugs
15. Miscellaneous drugs
16. Resuscitation
17. Respiratory disorders
18. Cardiovascular disorders
19. Renal disorders
20. Gastrointestinal disorders
21. Hepatic disorders
22. Neurological disorders
23. Haematological disorders
24. Metabolic disorders
25. Poisoning
26. Shock
27. Infection and infl ammation
28. Trauma and burns
29. Physical disorders
30. Pain and post-operative intensive care
31. Obstetric emergencies
32. Death and dying
33. ICU organization and management

Title: Oxford Desk Reference Critical Care
Authors: Carl Waldmann, Neil Soni, Andrew Rhodes
Language: English


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