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Obesity and Lipotoxicity

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Obesity and Lipotoxicity
Obesity and its associated diseases are a major and growing worldwide public health problem of our century. Recent studies have suggested that obesity prevalence is seriously increasing mostly due to depression- and anxietyrelated eating disorders, which may deeply affect quality of life. Although behavioral improvements are aimed at promoting lifestyle
changes, multidisciplinary interventions should be based on biochemical and immunological pathways. Either only conservative methods or only surgical approaches have limited efficacy, in part due to the involvement of counterregulatory multiple metabolic pathways in obesity.
Consequently, multidimensional analysis of adipose tissue-derived signaling would provide greater benefit. In this context, the book covers many critical and complex topics that trigger obesity. We are aware that many subjects have not yet come to light
about obesity. Nevertheless, this book may encourage and further the research of scientists and practitioners who are interested in obesity.


1. The Definition and Prevalence of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
2. Circadian Rhythms in Diet-Induced Obesity
3. Eat and Death: Chronic Over-Eating
4. Obesity, Persistent Organic Pollutants and Related Health Problems
5. Human Protein Kinases and Obesity
6. Fat Cell and Fatty Acid Turnover in Obesity
7. Adipose Tissue Function and Expandability as Determinants of Lipotoxicity and the Metabolic Syndrome
8. What Is Lipotoxicity
9. The Pathogenesis of Obesity- Associated Adipose Tissue Inflammation
10. Microbiota and Lipotoxicity
11. Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Obesity
12.Insulin Resistance, Obesity and Lipotoxicity
13. Adipose Tissue Hypoxia in Obesity and Its Impact on Preadipocytes and Macrophages: Hypoxia Hypothesis
14. Adipocyte-Macrophage Cross-Talk in Obesity
15. Endothelial Dysfunction in Obesity
16. Diet-Induced Obesity and the Mechanism of Leptin Resistance
17. Influence of Antioxidants on Leptin Metabolism and its Role in the Pathogenesis of Obesity
18. Adiponectin-Resistance in Obesity
19. Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
20. Lipotoxicity-Related Hematological Disorders in Obesity
21. MicroRNA and Adipogenesis
22. The Interactions Between Kynurenine, Folate, Methionine and Pteridine Pathways in Obesity
23. Eligibility and Success Criteria for Bariatric/Metabolic Surgery
24. Does Bariatric Surgery Improve Obesity Associated Comorbid Conditions
25. Obesity-associated Breast Cancer: Analysis of risk factors
26. Lipotoxicity in Obesity: Benefit of Olive Oil

Title: Obesity and Lipotoxicity
Author: Ayse Basak Engin, Atilla Engin
Language: English


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