Nurse’s Pocket Drug Guide 2010 – Judith Barberio

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Nurse’s Pocket Drug Guide 2010
WE ARE PLEASED TO PRESENT THE SIXTH EDITION OF THE NURSE’S POCKET DRUG GUIDE. Our goal is to identify the most frequently used and clinically important medications, including branded, generic, and OTC products.
The book includes over 1000 generic medications and is designed to represent a cross section of commonly used products in healthcare practices across the country.
The style of drug presentation includes key “must know” facts of commonly used medications and herbs, essential information for the student, practicing nurse, and healthcare provider. The inclusion of common uses of medications rather than just the official FDA-labeled indications are based on the uses of the medication and herbs supported by publications and community standards of care. All uses have been reviewed by our editorial board.
It is essential that students, registered nurses, and advanced-practice nurses learn more than the name and dose of the medications they administer and prescribe.
Certain common side effects and significant warnings and contraindications are associated with prescription medications and herbs. Although nurses and other healthcare providers should ideally be completely familiar with the entire package insert of any medication prescribed, such a requirement is unreasonable. References such as the Physicians’ Desk Reference and the drug manufacturer’s Web site make package inserts readily available for many medications, but may not highlight clinically significant facts or key data for generic drugs and those available over the counter.
The limitations of difficult-to-read package inserts were acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration in early 2001, when it noted that healthcare providers do not have time to read the many pages of small print in the typical package insert.
Newer drugs are producing more user-friendly package insert summaries that highlight important drug information for easier nursing reference. Although useful, these summaries do not commingle with similarly approved generic or “competing” similar products.



1. Allergy
2. Antidotes
3. Antimicrobial Agents
4. Antifungals
5. Antiretrovirals
6. Antineoplastic Agents
7. Cardiovascular (CV) Agents
8. Central Nervous System Agents
9. Dermatologic Agents
10. Dietary Supplements
11. Ear (Otic) Agents
12. Endocrine System Agents
13. Eye (Ophthalmic) Agents
14. Gastrointestinal Agents
15. Hematologic Agents
16. Immune System Agents
17. Musculoskeletal Agents
18. OB/GYN Agents
19. Pain Medications
20. Respiratory Agents
21. Urinary/Genitourinary Agents
22. Wound Care
23. Miscellaneous Therapeutic Agents
24. Natural and Herbal Agents


Table 1. Quick Guide to Dosing of Acetaminophen Based on the Tylenol Product Line
Table 2. Local Anesthetic Comparison Chart for Commonly Used Injectable Agents
Table 3. Comparison of Systemic Steroids
Table 4. Topical Steroid Preparations
Table 5. Comparison of Insulins
Table 6. Commonly Used Oral Contraceptives
Table 7. Some Common Oral Potassium Supplements
Table 8. Tetanus Prophylaxis
Table 9. Oral Anticoagulant Standards of Practice
Table 10. Antiarrhythmics: Vaughn Williams Classification
Table 11. Cytochrome P-450 Isoenzymes and the Drugs They Metabolize, Inhibit, and Induce
Table 12. SSRIs/SNRI/Triptan and Serotonin Syndrome
Table 13. Composition of Selected Multivitamins and Multivitamins with Mineral and Trace Element Supplements
Table 14. Look-alike, Sound-alike Drug Names

Autor: Judith A. Barberio
Editorial: McGraw­Hill
Edición: 6ª
Año: 2010
Páginas: 435
ISBN­10: 007162743X
ISBN­13: 978­0071627436
Idioma: Inglés


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