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Neuroanatomy 5th edition

Titulo del libro: Neuroanatomy

Autor del libro: Alan R. Crossman, David Neary

Edición de libro: 5th edition

Formato de libro: EBook

Date published: 2015


ISBN: 9780702054051

Número de páginas: 203



This book has been written primarily for undergraduate medical students. At the same time, we have borne in mind students following other health science courses where a basic understanding of the nervous system and its major disorders is required, and also students of basic neuroscience, who are invariably intrigued and edified by discussion of the disorders which afflict the human nervous system.
The book has been prepared during a period of widespread debate on, and evolution in, the substance and style of medical education. There are several driving forces for change, one being the recognition that unreasonable and unnecessary demands are often being made of students in the sheer volume of information which they are required to assimilate. This has prompted students, educators and health professionals alike to question, across the whole curriculum, the depth of knowledge which is required by the newly-qualified doctor and the means by which it should be achieved.
The General Medical Council has recommended the development of a system-based core curriculum and has emphasised the crucial importance of integration between basic science and clinical medicine. These proposals have been welcomed and amplified, with respect to the teaching of neurology, by the Association of British Neurologists.
No area of medical science lends itself better than neuroscience to such a system-based, integrated approach and this has been the principal philosophy guiding the preparation of this book.
Neuroscience, with all its sub-specialities both basic and clinical, is an enormous field where the growth of knowledge through research is exponential. This creates a great challenge to the medical educator in selecting what should comprise the core curriculum. It also signifies the potential for future advances in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of neurological disease, recognised by the designation of the 1990s as the ‘Decade of the Brain’.

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  • 1. Introduction and overview
  • 2. Cells of the nervous system.
  • 3. Peripheral nervous system.
  • 4. Autonomic nervous system
  • 5. Coverings of the central nervous system
  • 6. Ventricular system
  • 7. Vasculature of the central nervous system
  • 8. Spinal cord
  • 9. Brainstem
  • 10. Cranial nerves and cranial nerve nuclei
  • 11. Cerebellum
  • 12. Thalamus
  • 13. Cerebral hemisphere and cerebral cortex
  • 14. Basal ganglia
  • 15. Visual system
  • 16. Hypothalamus, limbic system and olfactory system
  • 17. Problem-solving
  • Glossary
  • Patient symptom index
  • Index
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