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Nanomedicine for Cancer Therapy

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Nanomedicine for Cancer Therapy
The aim of this book is to provide an overview of cancer therapies from conventional to nanomedicine based modern-day therapy. The initial part of the book discussed the conventional therapy and multiple drug resistance mechanisms. The conventional treatments have several limitations like nonspecific delivery, toxicity stability and multiple drug resistance by cancer cells. Among all, multiple drug resistance is a major concern for drug delivery and therapy for cancer. To overcome this, nanomedicine or drug delivery through small carrier known as nanoparticles based therapy came into existence.
Owing to the small size and easy surface modification for targeting, suitability for carry both hydrophobic and hydrophilic drug, biocompatible and ease in clearance through the physiological system, nanomedicine has gained worldwide attention of researchers and pharmaceutical industries as an efficient carrier for targeted drug delivery and cancer therapy.


Nanomedicine for Cancer Therapy :
1 Introduction
2 Conventional Therapy for Breast Cancer:

2.1 Limitation of Conventional Therapy
3 Multiple Drug Resistance
3.1 Drug Efflux and Decrease in Drug Uptake
3.2 Alteration in Drug Target (Topoisomerase II)
3.3 Change in Detoxifying Enzyme Such Glutathione S-Transferase and Cytochrome
3.4 Increase in DNA Repair
3.5 Inhibition of Apoptosis by Disruption of Cell Signalling
3.6 Therapy with Multiple Drug Delivery
4 Application of Nanoparticles in Cancer
4.1 Types of Carriers (NPs) and Its Role in Nanomedicine for Cancer Therapy
5 Targeting or Delivery of NPs to the Cancer Cells
5.1 Passive Targeting
5.2 Active Targeting or Ligand-Mediated Targeting
6 Role of Nanomedicine in Modern Day Cancer Therapy
6.1 Gene Therapy
6.2 Photodynamic Therapy
6.3 Drug Resistance and Heat
6.4 Therapy Based Thermal Ablation and Hyperthermia
6.5 Nanoparticles Based Hyperthermia
6.6 Nanoparticles Based Magnetic Hyperthermia
6.7 Nano Radiofrequency Hyperthermia: NRFH
6.8 Photothermal Therapy (PTT) with Nanoparticles Formulation
6.9 Nano High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound Hyperthermia
7 Combinatorial Therapy with Hyperthermia
7.1 Hyperthermia and Radiation
7.2 Hyperthermia and Drugs
7.3 Hyperthermia with Photosensitization
8 Clinical Trials, Success, and Challenges
9 Conclusion
10 Challenges
11 Prospective

Title: Nanomedicine for Cancer Therapy
Author: Piyush Kumar, Rohit Srivastava
Language: English


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