Musculoskeletal Examination and Joint Injection Techniques

Titulo del libro: Musculoskeletal Examination and Joint Injection Techniques

Autor del libro: Adel G. Fam, George V. Lawry, Hans J. Kreder

Edición de libro:

Formato de libro: EBook

Date published: 2005

Illustrator: Mosby

ISBN: 978­0323030038

Número de páginas: 144


Musculoskeletal Examination and Joint Injection Techniques
The aim of Musculoskeletal Examination and Joint Injection
Techniques is to provide medical students, trainees, rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, and other medical practitioners with an accurate, systematic, up-to-date, easily accessible approach to detailed, comprehensive physical examination of the joints and the spine. The text emphasizes pertinent basic anatomy of the joints as it relates to diagnostic accuracy and interpretation of physical signs.
Evidence-based critical appraisal of the available literature on physical examination is correlated with the experiences and concepts of the authors, other rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, and physiatrists.
The chapters are expertly written, richly-illustrated, and are both clinically relevant and practical. Each chapter contains a brief description of rheumatic disorders specific to a particular joint. This includes a unique section in the hip and knee chapters on problems following joint replacement arthroplasties. At the end of each section, the techniques of joint and bursal aspiration and injection are discussed.
The diagnosis of rheumatic disorders largely depends on clinical skills and knowledge of applied anatomy. Although musculoskeletal disorders are a common presentation in rheumatologic, orthopedic, and general practices, teaching of joint examination is not sufficiently emphasized in many medical schools and postgraduate residency training programs.
Furthermore, in most textbooks of rheumatology, orthopedic surgery, and physiatry, there is limited information about the essential details of basic anatomy, history taking, and principles of joint examination.
A great many people have contributed, directly or indirectly, to the production of this textbook.We are particularly indebted to our colleagues, both junior and senior, teachers, and mentors for their guidance.We thank Kimberly Murphy and her team at Elsevier, especially Anne Lenehan, Hilarie Surrena, Vera Ginsbergs, and Cassie Carey for their invaluable help on this project. The authors would like to express their appreciation to members of the Medical Illustration Department for their excellent drawings and artwork, and to
our Executive Assistants for their outstanding support.

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  • Chapter 1: Anatomy of Joints, General Considerations, and Principles of Joint Examination
  • Chapter 2: The Temporomandibular Joint
  • Chapter 3: The Shoulder
  • Chapter 4: The Elbow
  • Chapter 5: The Wrist and Hand
  • Chapter 6: The Hip
  • Chapter 7: The Knee
  • Chapter 8: The Ankle and Foot
  • Chapter 9: The Spine
  • Chapter 10: Joints of the Chest Wall
  • Chapter 11: Principles of Joint and Periarticular Aspirations and Injections
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