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“Modern Concepts of Peripheral Nerve Repair”

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“Modern Concepts of Peripheral Nerve Repair”
We, the editors of this book, join active membership of the German interdisciplinary study group named “NervClub” and we recognized that a concise book (comprisal) on modern concepts of peripheral nerve repair is currently not available for international readers. Therefore, we edited this book with a focus on very common and frequently occurring traumatic peripheral nerve injuries, their diagnostic with decision-making, and their reconstruction and long-term post-surgery patient care. This book should provide a compendium for graduated medical doctors interested in neurosurgery, hand surgery, or traumatology and final-year medical students with an upcoming interest in peripheral nerve surgery.
The topics have been carefully selected and the authors have treated them in a compact and illustrative way. The group of authors is comprised of internationally recognized experts in the field of peripheral nerve injury and repair from both the clinical and scientific points of view.


1. The Peripheral Nerve: Neuroanatomical Principles Before and After Injury:
Gregor Antoniadis
2. State-of-the-Art Diagnosis of Peripheral Nerve Trauma:Clinical Examination, Electrodiagnostic, and Imaging
Christian Bischoff, Jennifer Kollmer, and Wilhelm Schulte-Mattler
3. Timing and Decision-Making in Peripheral Nerve Trauma:
Hans Assmus
4. Conventional Strategies for Nerve Repair:
Mario G. Siqueira and Roberto S. Martins
5. Surgical Techniques in the Lesions of Peripheral Nerves:
Kartik G. Krishnan
6. Specific Challenges in Brachial Plexus Surgery:
Thomas J. Wilson and Lynda J.-S. Yang
7. Alternative Strategies for Nerve Reconstruction:
F. Siemers and K.S. Houschyar
8. Clinical Follow-Up:
Gilda Di Masi, Gonzalo Bonilla, and Mariano Socolovsky
9. Rehabilitation Following Peripheral Nerve Injury:
Sarah G. Ewald and Vera Beckmann-Fries
10. Peripheral Nerve Tissue Engineering: An Outlook on Experimental Concepts:
Kirsten Haastert-Talini

Title: “Modern Concepts of Peripheral Nerve Repair”
Author: “Kirsten Haastert-Talini , Hans Assmus, Gregor Antoniadis”
Language: English


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