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Mental Illness, Discrimination and the Law

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Mental Illness, Discrimination and the Law
Legislative action is indispensable in the fight to combat the discrimination, abuse and social injustice experienced across the world by people with mental health problems. This book is intended to assist and speed up legislative and policy reform. It presents a range of conceptual and empirical material which documents the role that legislative ctions – whether applying internationally, regionally, at country level, or to devolved regions within countries – can play in combating the discrimination and abuse experienced by people with mental health problems.
At the same time, we emphasise that such reform will effect changes ‘on the ground’ only if it is buttressed by enforcement mechanisms as well as societal and discursive shifts in how people with mental health problems are perceived and treated by other members of society.


1. Introduction
2. Principles and Concepts,
3. Civil and Political Participation
4. Legal Capacity, Decision-making, Discriminatory Statutes and Practice
5. Work and the Workplace
6. Education
7. Housing
8. Social Security and Social Protection
9. Health, Health Care and the Right to Health
10. Protection Against Abuse and Research Involving Vulnerable Populations
11. Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental Illness
12. Implementation and Enforcement
13. Summary and Conclusions
14. International and Regional Instruments, Standards, Guidelines and Declarations
15. Examples of Disability Legislation from Across the World
16. Organisations and Resources

Title: Mental Illness, Discrimination and the Law
Author: Felicity Callard, Norman Sartorius, Julio Arboleda-Florez
Language: English


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