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Long Cases in Clinical Medicine 1st Edition – ABM Abdullah

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Long Cases in Clinical Medicine 1st Edition
By the good grace of Almighty, I have succeeded to bring out the first edition of Long Cases in Clinical Medicine.
Long cases are an integral part of any examination in medicine. The idea is to assess the
candidate’s ability of gathering adequate information from thorough medical history and physical examination, interpreting them to come up with a probable diagnosis and formulating a management plan. A sound knowledge of medical science, optimum clinical skills, good interpersonal communication and adequate time management are all needed. A good preparation and adequate practice are vital for success.
From my experience as a teacher and an examiner in medicine, I feel that many candidates, even brilliant ones, fail to succeed in long cases due to lack of adequate technique of taking history from the patient, analysis of symptoms, inapt presentation and inability to answer questions related to the case. In spite of good theoretical knowledge, many of them are unable to effectively communicate with the patient. This is because they do not prepare themselves in an examinationoriented manner. It is important to acquire knowledge from textbooks, but it is equally vital to know what to expect in examinations, how to face them and to practice with that in mind. Goalbased preparation, systematic practice and repeated exposure to different cases and rehearsal of presentation in front of others is the secret to success. With this in mind, I have written this book to help students prepare themselves in an examination-oriented manner.
This book has been written to entertain a wide variety of readers from medical students to postgraduate examinees. It includes a complete outline of a comprehensive medical encounter including history taking and physical examination. It also gives valuable tips regarding interpretation of various clinical features to make a diagnosis. Successive chapters include long cases arranged according to body systems. In each case, the history and examination is presented first followed by the clinical diagnosis and possible differentials. Then the relevant questions and answers are provided.


Chapter 1. Proforma of a Long Case
Chapter 2. Respiratory System
Chapter 3. Cardiovascular System
Chapter 4. Gastroenterology
Chapter 5. Hepatobiliary System
Chapter 6. Nephrology
Chapter 7. Rheumatology
Chapter 8. Neurology
Chapter 9. Endocrinology
Chapter 10. Hematology
Chapter 11. Dermatology
Chapter 12. Miscellaneous

Title: Long Cases in Clinical Medicine
Edition: 1st Edition
Author: ABM Abdullah
Language: English


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