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Image Guided Neurosurgey – Alexandra J. Golby

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Image Guided Neurosurgey, Alexandra J. Golby
Image­Guided Neurosurgery provides readers with an update on the revolutionary improvements in imaging and visualization relating to neurosurgery. From the development of the pneumoencephalogram, to the operating microscope, to cross sectional imaging with CT and later MRI, to stereotaxy and neuronavigation, the ability to visualize the pathology and surrounding neural structures has been the driving factor leading surgical innovation and improved outcomes.

The book provides a comprehensive reference on the application of contemporary imaging technologies used in neurosurgery. Specific techniques discussed include brain biopsies, brain tumor resection, deep brain stimulation, and more.
The book is ideal for neurosurgeons, interventional radiologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and radiologists, as
well as technical experts in imaging, image analysis, computer science, and biomedical engineering.
A comprehensive reference on image­guided neurosurgery.
Includes coverage of neuronavigation in cranial surgery and advanced imaging, including functional imaging, adoption of intra­operative MRI and emerging technologies.
Covers all image­guided neurosurgery tools, including robotic surgical devices.
Ideal reference for topics relating to neurosurgery, imaging, stereotaxis, radiosurgery, radiology, epilepsy, MRI,
the use of medical robotics, lasers, and more.
1. Introduction and Historical Perspectives on Image­Guided Surgery

Section I: Methods

2. Background on Imaging Structural Imaging
3. Advanced Functional Imaging: fMRI, PET, and MEG
4. Imaging White Matter Anatomy for Brain Tumor Surgery
5. Background on Stereotaxis
6. Role of Computers and Image Processing in Image­Guided Brain Tumor Surgery
7. Intraoperative Imaging

Section II: Applications

8 Image­Guided Brain Biopsy
9 Multimodal Image­Guided Brain Tumor Resection
10 Image Guidance and Visualization in Pituitary Surgery
11 Imaging and Epilepsy: The Key to Surgical Success
12 Image­Guided Open Cerebrovascular Surgery
13 Functional Neurosurgery: Deep Brain Stimulation and Gene Therapy
14 Image Guidance for Spine Surgery
15 Image­Guided Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Radiotherapy
16 MRI­Guided Stereotactic Laser Ablation

Section III: New Directions

17 Advances in Molecular Imaging for Surgery
18 Drug Delivery to the Brain via Focused Ultrasound
19 Robotics for Image­Guided Neurosurgery

Autor: Alexandra J. Golby
Editorial: Academic Press
Edición: 1ª
Año: 2015
Páginas: 537
ISBN: 978­0­12­800870­6
Idioma: Inglés

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