Human Sectional Anatomy

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Human Sectional Anatomy

As with the previous editions, the superb full-colour cadaver sections are compared with CT and MRI images, with accompanying, labelled line diagrams. Many of the radiological images have been replaced with new examples, taken on the most up-to date equipment to ensure excellent visualisation of the anatomy. Completely new page spreads have been added to improve the book’s coverage, including images taken using multidetector CT technology, and some beautiful 3D volume rendered CT images.

The photographic material is enhanced by useful notes, extended for the third edition, with details of important anatomical and radiological features. Superbly photographed cadaver sections showing realistic colour. Several completely new pages of sagittal and coronal sections. New, improved radiological images using the most up-to-date equipment. Accompanying line diagrams redrawn to correlate exactly with the CT and MRI.
Comprehensive labelling updated with current terminology. Invaluable additional notes giving extra detail on anatomical and radiological features.
Table of Contents:
Superficial dissection
Selected images
Axial (Male)
Axial MRIs
Temporal bone/inner ear – Axial CT
Coronal (Female)
Sagittal (Male)
Axial (Female)
Sagittal (Male)
Axial (Male)
Axial (Female)
Mediastimun – Axial CTs
Coronal MRIs
Coronal chest CT
Coeliac and great vessels
Axial (Male)
Axial (Female)
Lumbar spine – Axial CTs
Lumbar spine – Coronal MRIs
Lumbar spine – Sagittal MRIs
Axial (Male)
Coronal MRIs (Male)
Axial (Female)
Axial MRIs (Female)
Coronal MRIs (Female)
Sagittal MRIs (Female)
Coronal abdominal CT
Hip – Coronal (Female)
Pelvic girdle
Thigh – Axial (Male)
Knee – Axial (Male)
Knee – Coronal (Male)
Knee – Sagittal (Female)
Leg – Axial (Male)
Ankle – Axial (Male)
Ankle – Coronal (Female)
Foot – Sagittal (Male)
Foot – Coronal (Male)
Shoulder – Axial (Female)
Shoulder – Coronal (Male)
Arm – Axial (Male)
Elbow – Axial (Male)
Elbow – Coronal (Female)
Forearm – Axial (Male)
Wrist – Axial (Male)
Hand – Coronal (Female)
Hand – Sagittal (Female)
Hand – Axial (Male)
Shoulder girdle
Autores: Harold Ellis, Bari M. Logan, Adrian K. Dixon
Editorial: Hodder Arnold
Edición: 3ª
Año: 2007
Páginas: 267
ISBN: 9780340912225
Idioma: Inglés

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