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Human Brain Theory: Information-commutation device of the brain and principles of its work and modeling

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Human Brain Theory Information-commutation device Of the brain and principles of its work and modeling
The reviewed text is absolutely original and the author’s spirit hovers at such a height of integrative speculations that any attempts to juxtapose it with previous individual or team generalizations would be unproductive. The author is original and inimitable regarding his key idea; though some of the European and American projects exhibit vertical integrative approaches top-down from global concepts to important details, Andrey Bryukhovetskiy resolutely turns away from the approach in neurobiology nicknamed as “dictatorship of details”.

Thank you for the book, for the text, for the project of the Author’s Spirit (what else can it be called?). I am grateful to the author for his courage to climb the Everest of our knowledge and guesses of the edges, limits and balance between CNS cells and higher integral tissue, which is more than just nervous cells (an important and correct supposition). I would like to keep within the frames of the biological positivism that unites me with the author at different platforms of creativity.


Chapter 1. Neurology and Neural Research in the Early 21st Century
Chapter 2. Contemporary Scientific Concepts of the Human Brain’s Operation and Organization
Chapter 3. Current Global Research of the Brain: Theoretical, Methodological and Technological Bases for Discoveries, Inventions and Innovations in Contemporary Neuroscience
Chapter 4. A System Approach as the Basic Methodology of Contemporary Neuro-Research: Its Advantages and Disadvantages
Chapter 5. An Information Approach to the Fundamental and Theoretical Research of the Brain
Chapter 6. The Theory of the Information-Commutation Organization of /he Human Brain and its Operational Principles
Chapter 7. The Methodology and Technologies for Developing 3D Virtual Models of the Brain
Chapter 8. Methodological Errors and Systemic Errors of Theoretical Neurology in the Development of 3D Virtual Models of the Brain
Chapter 9. The Methodology for Developing a 3D Simulation of the Brain Using the Informational Approach
Chapter 10. The Future of Theoretical Neurology in Clinical Medicine, the Mathematical Modeling of the Brain and the Development of a Brain-Computer Interface

Title: Human Brain Theory Information-commutation device Of the brain and principles of its work and modeling
Author: Andrey S. Bryukhovetskiy
Language: English


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