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Human Anatomy 5th Edition – Kenneth S. Saladin

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Human Anatomy 5th Edition – Kenneth S. Saladin
New Scientific Information

This fifth edition features new and updated scientific content on the limitations and applications of MRI and PET scans (chapter 1); pseudopods and ciliopathies (chapter 2); the pathogenesis of pressure sores (chapter 3); causes of spontaneous abortion (chapter 4); skin grafting with atomized spray-on stem cells (chapter 5); the reemergence of polio due to anti-vaccination politics (chapter 14); and the newly recognized pancreatic hormone amylin (chapter 18).
This edition also offers new functional perspectives on biomechanics of the fingernails (chapter 5) and patella (chapter 8); myoglobin (chapter 10); serratus posterior muscles (chapter 11); linguistic functions of the right cerebral hemisphere (chapter 15); lamellar corpuscles (chapter 17); the trabeculae carneae and papillary muscles of the heart (chapter 20); the spleen (chapter 22); the shape and interfaces between pulmonary alveoli (chapter 23); and oogenesis and folliculogenesis (chapter 26). Chapter 21 offers new Deeper Insight essays on air embolism and central venous catheters.

New Perspectives
This edition follows Gray’s Anatomy and other leading authorities in dispensing with origin and insertion terminology for muscle attachments (for reasons explained on page 241). The muscle tables in chapters 11 and 12 now list muscle attachments without calling them by these increasingly obsolete terms. Muscle innervations are also simplified in these tables by citing the major cranial and spinal nerves rather than their finer branches.
This edition updates many other anatomical terms and deletes most eponyms in keeping with the Terminologia Anatomica. It deletes or de-emphasizes other commonly held but erroneous beliefs such as lactic acid as a cause of muscle fatigue (chapter 10), discredited stories such as Phineas Gage’s brain trauma effects
(chapter 15), the long-believed absence of lymphatic vessels from the CNS (chapter 22), and obsolete practices such as gallstone lithotripsy (chapter 24).


PART ONE: Organization of the Body
CHAPTER 1: The Study of Human Anatomy
CHAPTER 2: Cytology—The Study of Cells
CHAPTER 3: Histology—The Study of Tissues
CHAPTER 4: Human Development

PART TWO: Support and Movement
CHAPTER 5: The Integumentary System
CHAPTER 6: The Skeletal System I: Bone Tissue
CHAPTER 7: The Skeletal System II: Axial Skeleton
CHAPTER 8: The Skeletal System III: Appendicular Skeleton
CHAPTER 9: The Skeletal System IV: Joints
CHAPTER 10: The Muscular System I: Introduction
CHAPTER 11: The Muscular System II: Axial Musculature
CHAPTER 12: The Muscular System III: Appendicular Musculature
ATLAS A: Atlas of Regional and Surface Anatomy

PART THREE: Integration and Control
CHAPTER 13: The Nervous System I: Nervous Tissue
CHAPTER 14: The Nervous System II: Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves
CHAPTER 15: The Nervous System III: Brain and Cranial Nerves
CHAPTER 16: The Nervous System IV: Autonomic Nervous System and Visceral Reflexes
CHAPTER 17: The Nervous System V: Sense Organs
CHAPTER 18: The Endocrine System

PART FOUR: Maintenance
CHAPTER 19: The Circulatory System I: Blood
CHAPTER 20: The Circulatory System II: The Heart
CHAPTER 21: The Circulatory System III: Blood Vessels
CHAPTER 22: The Lymphatic System and Immunity
CHAPTER 23: The Respiratory system
CHAPTER 24: The Digestive System
CHAPTER 25: The Urinary System

PART FIVE: Reproduction
CHAPTER 26: The Reproductive System

Title: Human Anatomy
Author: Kenneth S. Saladin


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