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Hospital Medicine

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Hospital Medicine
Hospital Medicine: Perspectives, Practices and Professional Development examines the field of hospital medicine and provides practical guidance on how to become successful in this evolving specialty. Given the rapid growth of hospital medicine and its impact on the current and future landscape of medicine, this book offers perspectives on the healthcare system as a whole and how hospitalist and hospital medicine teams can effectively engage this system to provide cost-effective and high-quality care. This book applies to all levels of hospital medicine expertise and proposes approaches to help guide the trainee, early career hospitalist and those more experienced along paths toward career success. It is structured in such a way that, regardless of one’s level of experience, each reader will walk away with insights into his/her own style, knowledge, and practice that will lead to greater success. Starting with a primer on the healthcare system, this book will walk the reader through the process of self-assessment, career planning and strategies to avoid
pitfalls, approaches to patient and interdisciplinary care, and administrative tasks critical to the hospitalist.
As the book unfolds, chapters geared specifically towards
more experienced hospitalists including how to “manage from the middle” and understanding financial and regulatory drivers in hospital medicine are discussed. In addition, there are chapters geared specifically towards considering or actively engaged in an academic setting including how to be an effective teacher and begin the process of delving into research.


1. Primer on the Healthcare System:
Norman F. Retener and Andrew Delapenha
2. Knowing Yourself and Your Style:
Neda Frayha and Robert J. Habicht
3. Planning for a Career in Hospital Medicine
Kathryn Novello Silva and Abel Joy
4. Common Career Pitfalls: Real-World Guidance of Common Mistakes to Avoid that May Impact a Hospitalist’s Ability to Be Successful:
Christopher Jason and Himati P. Patel
5. Goal Setting: Effective Strategies to Plan for a Successful Career:
Christopher Jason and Lana R. Elpert
6. Work–Life Balance and Preventing Burnout:
Lana R. Elpert and Lee-Ann Wagner
7. Women in Medicine:
Ada Ibe Offurum, Kathryn Novello Silva and Mangla S. Gulati
8. Basics of Billing and Coding: A Primer for the New Hospitalist Attending:
Himati P. Patel and Negin J. Ahadi
9. Incorporating Evidence-Based Medicine into Your Daily Life:
Negin J. Ahadi and Robert J. Habicht
10. Interprofessional Collaboration:
Abel Joy and Philip C. Dittmar
11. Transitions of Care:
Danielle Y. Baek and Nidhi Goel
12. The Patient Experience:
Brian E. Edwards and Christopher Jason
13. Consultative Medicine and Co-management:
Lee-Ann Wagner and Saverio Mirarchi
14. Introduction to Patient Safety and Quality:
Mangla S. Gulati and Kathryn Novello Silva
15. Financial and Regulatory Drivers in Health Care:
Mangla S. Gulati and Shiva K. Ganji
16. Demonstrating Value and Gaining Visibility:
Key Questions to Success Ada Ibe Offurum
17. Cost-Conscious Care:
Philip C. Dittmar and Brian E. Edwards
18. Managing from the Middle:
Ada Ibe Offurum
19. Teaching and Feedback:
Darlene Tad-y and Ethan Cumbler
20. Engaging Others in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement:
Darlene Tad-y and Patrick Kneeland
21. Introduction to Research as an Early Career Hospitalist:
Nidhi Goel and Robert J. Habicht

Title: Hospital Medicine
Author: Robert J. Habicht, Mangla S. Gulati
Language: English


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