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Handbook of Pathophysiology – Ramona Browder Lazenby

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Handbook of Pathophysiology 4th 2011
This pathophysiology handbook is ideally suited for easy reference in the classroom or clinical environment. The book presents a summary of physiology concepts for each body system, followed by an overview of important pathophysiology concepts related to ‘alterations’ in that body system. These pathophysiology concepts provide the necessary foundation for understanding the disease or injury states that are presented next in the chapter.
Fundamental Mechanisms of Health and Disease

CHAPTER 1 Cell Structure and Function
CHAPTER 2 Genetics
CHAPTER 3 Cancer
Effective and Ineffective Health Protection
CHAPTER 4 The Immune System
CHAPTER 5 The Integument
CHAPTER 6 Homeostasis and the Stress Response
CHAPTER 7 Neuroendocrine Immune Interaction
Integrated Control and Dysfunction
CHAPTER 8 The Nervous System
CHAPTER 9 The Endocrine System
CHAPTER 10 The Musculoskeletal System
CHAPTER 11 The Senses
Oxygen Balance and Deficiencies
CHAPTER 12 The Hematologic System
CHAPTER 13 The Cardiovascular System
CHAPTER 14 The Respiratory System
Nutrition, Elimination, and Reproductive Function and Dysfunction 631
CHAPTER 15 The Gastrointestinal System
CHAPTER 16 The Pancreas and Diabetes Mellitus
CHAPTER 17 The Liver
CHAPTER 18 The Genitourinary System
CHAPTER 19 Fluid and Electrolyte and Acid­Base Balance
CHAPTER 20 The Reproductive System
Autor: Ramona Browder Lazenby
Editorial: L.W..W
Edición: 4ª
Año: 2011
Páginas: 930
ISBN: 978­1­60547­725­1
Idioma: Inglés

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