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Go Your Crohn Way – Kathleen Nicholls

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Go Your Crohn Way
These five little words were one of the first, and most memorable, statements I had written in my diary when I began to realise there was something seriously not quite right ‘down there’.
Reading that simple phrase now reminds me quite vividly of the confusion, anger and downright depression I felt at the time.

Pre-diagnosis time, that is. The above statement in itself was surprisingly prudish, despite it having been scrawled in my own personal diary. No one was ever going to see it so why write it in such a cryptic manner? Why not go hell for leather and describe exactly what horrors my ‘rear’ was experiencing? After all, the owner of the aforementioned rear would be the only one having the displeasure of reading it.
I can only deduce this enigmatic choice of wording was mainly because I was both embarrassed and ashamed.
I was utterly mortified by my gut-churning symptoms and frankly disgusted about what was happening to my own body. That doesn’t make it right, or healthy for that matter, but that’s exactly how I felt back then.


1. Introduction: The Nightmare before Crohn’s.13
2. Adapting: The Crohn Ranger
3. Invisible Illness: Sticks and Crohn’s
4. Relationships: Romancing the Crohn
5. Finish: The Philosopher’s Crohn
6. Nonsense: Gin and Crohnic
Glossary: Wiping away the Myths
The (Rear) End: Acknowledgements

Title: Go Your Crohn Way
Author: Kathleen Nicholls
Language: English


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