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Geriatric Medicine: an evidence-based approach

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Geriatric Medicine: an evidence-based approach
his book will give the reader a grounding in current thinking in geriatric medicine, highlight the research which has led to changes in management strategies, point to key sources of up-to-date information on the topic, and probe into questions that still remain to be answered.
he contributors to the book are leading UK specialists in their subject areas.
Chapters are written in a concise and economical style that conveys the latest evidence-based practice in the treatment
of older people along with expert interpretation of the research literature from a specialist’s perspective. Learning points and illustrations are provided where relevant, as well as up-to-date references for further material, including useful websites.
he book is an easily accessible reference tool for a broad cross section of health professionals who manage older patients in both primary and secondary care, such as geriatricians, general practitioners, nurses, therapists, and clinical researchers, as well as specialists in pain, stroke, dementia, and palliative care services. he topics and issues raised will be of particular interest to professionals
involved in the development of health and community services for older people.


1. From gut feeling to evidence base: drivers and barriers to the development of health care for older people
2. Re-thinking care in later life: the social and the clinical
3. Health and social care services for older people: achievements, challenges, and future directions
4. Service models
5. herapeutics in older people
6. Dementia and memory clinics
7. Frailty: challenges and progress
8. Incontinence, the sleeping geriatric giant: challenges and solutions
9. Depressions in later life: heterogeneity and co-morbidities
10. Substance misuse and older people: a question of values
11. Sleep in older people
12. Assessment and management of pain in older adults
13. Stroke units: research in practice
14. Stroke care: what is in the black box?
15. Involving older people in the design and conduct of clinical trials: what is patient and public involvement?
16. Under-representation of older people in clinical trials

Title: Geriatric Medicine: an evidence-based approach
Authors: Frank Lally, Christine Roffe
Language: English


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