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Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology 26th edition

Titulo del libro: Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology

Autor del libro: Kim E. Barrett, Susan M. Barman, Heddwen l. Brooks, Jason X.-J. Yuan

Edición de libro: 26th edition

Formato de libro: EBook

Date published: 2019

Illustrator: McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 978-1-26-012240-4

Número de páginas: 1792

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Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology
It is difficult to believe that this preface signifies the fourth edition of Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology that our author group has overseen, and the 26th edition overall of this important reference work aimed at medical and other health professional students. As always, we have tried to maintain the highest standards of excellence that were promulgated by the original author, Fran Ganong, over the 46 years where he served, remarkably, as the sole author of the textbook.
In this new edition, we have cast a fresh eye on the pedagogical approach taken in each chapter and section, and have focused particularly on including only material that is of the highest yield. We have thoroughly revised the learning objectives for every chapter, reorganized and updated the text to ensure that all objectives are clearly addressed in a logical order, aligned chapter summaries so that the take-home messages quickly address each learning objective in turn, and expanded the number of review questions so that readers also have the ability to check their understanding and retention of every objective covered. As a discipline evolves and new information emerges, there is a tendency simply to concatenate these concepts such that chapter structure degrades inevitably over time. With in-depth discussions amongst the author team and significant “spring-cleaning,” we believe we have freshened and simplified the volume while also making sure that important new developments are incorporated. We are immensely thankful to Erica Wehrwein, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physiology and an award-winning instructor at Michigan State University, who took on the task of reviewing the book as a whole and providing specific and detailed feedback to us on each chapter.

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  • Preface
  • SECTION I: Cellular & Molecular Basis for Medical Physiology
  • 1. General Principles & Energy Production in Medical Physiology
  • 2. Overview of Cellular Physiology
  • 3. Immunity, Infection, & Inflammation
  • 4. Excitable Tissue: Nerve
  • 5. Excitable Tissue: Muscle
  • 6. Synaptic & Junctional Transmission
  • 7. Neurotransmitters & Neuromodulators
  • SECTION II: Central & Peripheral Neurophysiology
  • 8. Somatosensory Neurotransmission: Touch, Pain, & Temperature
  • 9. Smell & Taste
  • 10. Vision
  • 11. Hearing & Equilibrium
  • 12. Reflex & Voluntary Control of Posture & Movement
  • 13. Autonomic Nervous System
  • 14. Electrical Activity of the Brain, Sleep–Wake States, & Circadian Rhythms
  • 15. Learning, Memory, Language, & Speech
  • SECTION III: Endocrine & Reproductive Physiology
  • 16. Basic Concepts of Endocrine Regulation
  • 17. Hypothalamic Regulation of Hormonal Functions
  • 18. The Pituitary Gland
  • 19. The Adrenal Medulla & Adrenal Cortex
  • 20. The Thyroid Gland
  • 21. Hormonal Control of Calcium & Phosphate Metabolism & the Physiology of Bone
  • 22. Reproductive Development & Function of the Female Reproductive System
  • 23. Function of the Male Reproductive System
  • 24. Endocrine Functions of the Pancreas & Regulation of Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • SECTION IV: Gastrointestinal Physiology
  • 25. Overview of Gastrointestinal Function & Regulation
  • 26. Digestion & Absorption of Nutrients
  • 27. Gastrointestinal Motility
  • 28. Transport & Metabolic Functions of the Liver
  • SECTION V: Cardiovascular Physiology
  • 29. Origin of the Heartbeat & the Electrical Activity of the Heart
  • 30. The Heart as a Pump
  • 31. Blood as a Circulatory Fluid & the Dynamics of Blood & Lymph Flow
  • 32. Cardiovascular Regulatory Mechanisms
  • 33. Circulation Through Special Regions
  • SECTION VI: Respiratory Physiology
  • 34. Introduction to Pulmonary Structure & Mechanics
  • 35. Gas Transport & pH
  • 36. Regulation of Respiration
  • SECTION VII: Renal Physiology
  • 37. Renal Function & Micturition
  • 38. Regulation of Extracellular Fluid Composition & Volume
  • 39. Acidification of the Urine & Bicarbonate Excretion
  • Answers to Multiple Choice Questions
  • Index
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