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Functional Movement Development Across the Life Span

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Functional Movement Development Across the Life Span 3rd Edition
Providing a solid foundation in the normal development of functional movement, Functional Movement Development Across the Life Span, 3rd Edition helps you recognize and understand movement disorders and effectively manage patients with abnormal motor function. It begins with coverage of basic theory, motor development and motor control, and evaluation of function, then discusses the body systems contributing to functional movement, and defines functional movement outcomes in terms of age, vital functions, posture and balance, locomotion, prehension, and health and illness.

This edition includes more clinical examples and applications, and updates data relating to typical performance on standardized tests of balance. Written by physical therapy experts Donna J. Cech and Suzanne “Tink” Martin, this book provides evidence­based information and tools you need to understand functional movement and manage patients’ functional skills throughout the life span.


Unit 1: Definition of functional movement.

1. Functional independence: a lifelong goal
2. Theories affecting development
3. Motor development and motor control
4. Motor learning and motor control
5. Evaluation of function

Unit 2: Body systems contributing to functional movement.

6. Skeletal system changes
7. Muscle system changes
8. Cardiovascular and pulmonary system changes
9. Nervous system changes
10. Sensory system changes

Unit 3: Functional movement outcomes

11. Vital functions
12. Posture and balance
13. Locomotion
14. Prehension
15. Health and fitness

Autores: Donna J. Cech, Suzanne Tink Martin
Editorial: Sau.nders
Edición: 3ª
Año: 2012
Páginas: 382
ISBN: 978­1­4160­4978­4
Idioma: Inglés

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