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Fluid and Electrolytes in Pediatrics

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Fluid and Electrolytes in Pediatrics
Fluid and Electrolytes in Pediatrics: A Comprehensive Handbook is a complete compendium of ready access information for pediatricians, family practitioners, residents, students and allied health professionals. The manual will be a “go to” source for tables or information on any aspect of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base metabolism for general pediatrics/ family practitioners/residents/medical students/nurses or the medical or surgical specialties.
In order to achieve the goal as the “THE” textbook in this discipline, each chapter of the book will be divided into the following areas:

Definition and Pathophysiology, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Causes, Treatment and Representative Scenarios. Case
presentations/problems (6-10) to illustrate the key points within the chapter.
The scenarios will attempt to cover the most common problems that present in pediatrics.
This book will have unique information with extensive tables, lists, and algorithms that detail clinical features of the entire spectrum of water metabolism, disorders of electrolytes, and disturbances in acid-base homeostasis by age (infants/newborns, children and adolescents) that is not available in any other textbook.
Autores: Leonard G. Feld, Frederick J. Kaskel
Editorial: Humana Press
Edición: 1ª
Año: 2009
Páginas: 408
ISBN-10: 1603272240
ISBN-13: 978-1603272247
Idioma: Inglés

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