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essentials of functional MRI

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In 1990, when I was a graduate student, I heard someone with a long, prestigious career of
developing and using magnetic resonance methods make an offhand comment that “everything
worth doing in MRI has been done.” Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was first
reported not long after. I have not forgotten the comment because it always makes me wonder
what new development will be reported tomorrow and what we will be able to do with fMRI,
10 years from now. At the very least, I believe fMRI will become a very powerful and commonly used tool for providing doctors with information about their patients’ neural function anywhere in the central nervous system—how it has been affected by trauma, disease, congenital effects, and other causes.
I also believe this will lead to new treatments, improved outcomes, and better medical research. ἀ is book is intended for students, researchers, and clinicians who want to understand the theory and practice of MRI in sufficient detail to use it for neuroscience research, clinical research, and (eventually) for clinical practice, such as for diagnosis, monitoring of treatment outcomes, and treatment planning.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Basic Concepts
Chapter 3: Source of the MR Signal and Its Properties
Chapter 4: ἀ e Fundamental Building Blocks of MRI Methods: Spin Echoes and Gradient Echoes
Chapter 5: Creating an Image from the Magnetic Resonance Signal
Chapter 6: Principles and Practice of Functional MRI
Chapter 7: Functional MRI Study Design
Chapter 8: Functional MRI Data Analysis
Chapter 9: Clinical Applications of Functional MRI

Title: essentials of functional MRI
Author: Patrick W. Stroman
Language: English


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