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Emergency Medicine The Principles of Practice 6th ed

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Emergency Medicine The Principles of Practice 6th ed
Emergency Medicine 6e presents evidence-based clinical management and treatment advice for emergency medicine students and practitioners in Australasia. The vast range of topics include paediatric, geriatric, gynaecology, psychiatric, dental, rural and Indigenous presentations, ensuring readers are well prepared for any eventuality in the Emergency Department.
This outstanding text combines expertise and experience with fully up-to-date content. It is authored by Professor Gordian Fulde, Emergency Department director at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, with contributions from Dr Sascha Fulde and over 60 other notable emergency medicine clinicians.

Readers will gain a solid understanding of effective procedural and management skills in the ED. Practical tips relate to: patient transport and retrieval; seriously ill patients; advanced nursing roles; general practitioners; working with IT; administration, legal matters, governance and quality care; and interns and students in the emergency department.
The ideal complement to hands-on emergency medicine training, this new edition of Emergency Medicinealso prepares readers to apply key emergency medicine skills to unique incidents such as mass casualty and chemical, biological and radiological hazard contingencies.
Topics included in this edition of Emergency Medicine include: securing the airway resuscitation arrhythmia management pain management imaging dermatology trauma poisoning envenomation overdose.
Coverage of important controversies with evidence based recommendations.
Editor comments contained in relevant chapters to provide clinical tips and advice for practice.
Increased coverage of topical issues such as deep vein thrombosis (economy class syndrome) and street drugs.
Practical rapid reference appendix.
Detailed glossary and index.
The Quick Reference Guide is updated and included in this book. It is also made available as an app.
Updating all chapters – particularly toxicology, IT, Paediatrics.
New resuscitation guidelines – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; External Automated Defibrillation in BLS; Compressions; Breathing; Airway; Unconsciousness; Priorities in an Emergency; Principles and Format for Developing Guidelines (all revised 12/2010 following ILCOR).
More comprehensive content for Indigenous and Rural Emergencies chapter.
Moderate repetition arising from so many contributors.
The CT Brain and C spine Rules have been added to the Quick Reference Guide.

1. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
2. Securing the airway and ventilation: Resuscitation procedures
3. Resuscitation and emergency procedures
4. Ultrasound in emergency medicine
5. The patient with chest pain, dyspnoea or haemoptysis
6. Acute Myocardial infarction
7. Respiratory emergencies, acute breathlessness
8. Acute pulmonary oedema
9. Pulmonary embolis and venous thrombosis
10. Shock
11. Clinical Electrocardiology and arrhythmia management
12. Trauma
13. Neurosurgical emergencies
14. Aortic and vascular emergencies
15. Orthopaedic principles, fractures and dislocations
16. Hand injuries and care
17. Urological emergencies
18. Burns
19. Pain control and analgesia
20. Patient transport and retrieval
21. Mass casualty, chemical, biological and radiological hazard contingencies
22. Neurology
23. Sick patients and tips
24. Gastrointestinal emergencies
25. Poisoning, overdosage and alcohol
26. Drowning
27. Envenomation
28. Electrical injuries
29. Hypothermia, hyperthermia
30. Childhood emergencies
31. Geriatric care
32. Emergency gynaecology
33. Endocrine emergencies
34. Metabolic disorders
35. Ophthalmic emergencies
36. Ear, nose and throat emergencies
37. Dental emergencies
38. Mental health presentations
39. Dermatological presentations to emergency
40. Infectious diseases
41. The immunocompromised patient
42. Haematology
43. Diagnostic imaging
44. Rural emergencies, indigenous or remote emergency attendances
45. Advanced nursing roles
46. Working with IT and the General Practitioner
47. Quality emergency care and administration
48. Students guide to an emergency term

Author : By Gordian W. O. Fulde, MB BS, FRCS(Edin), FRACS, FRCS(A&E), FACEM and Sascha Fulde

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