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Dietary Supplements and Health

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Dietary Supplements and Health
The supplements industry is huge, worth billions of dollars each year. The products marketed range from things that are known to be essential in the human diet (such as vitamins C and E, and folic acid) to those that some people claim are essential, but the evidence is equivocal (such as chromium and vanadium), and to nonnutrients, such as fl avonoids, which are increasingly mixed with vitamins in supplement tablets as well as used to fortify foods.
There is the whole fi eld of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which encompasses a wide area, but the important part in the context of this meeting is the use of herbal remedies. This is very important in Asia, but is also growing across the rest of the world. Since I was last in London another two Chinese medicine halls have appeared in my local area, taking the number from three to fi ve.

Barry Halliwell: Chair’s introduction
Alan R. Boobis Risk: assessment of dietary supplements Discussion
Robert M. Russell: Setting dietary intake levels: problems and pitfalls
Peter J. Aggett: Criteria for substantiating claims
Elizabeth A. Yetley: Science in the regulatory setting a challenging but
incompatible mix?
Roland Stocker: Vitamin E
Barry Halliwell Flavonoids: a re-run of the carotenoids story?
John M. Scott: Reduced folate status is common and increases disease risk. It can be corrected by daily ingestion of supplements or fortifi cation
Kevin D. Cashman: Calcium and vitamin D
Jan Alexander: Selenium
Edzard Ernst Herbal medicines balancing benefi ts and risks
E. L. Yong, S. P. Wong, P. Shen, Y. H. Gong, J. Li and Y. Hong:
Standardization and evaluation of botanical mixtures lessons from a traditional Chinese herb, Epimedium, with oestrogenic properties
Hildegard Przyrembel: Communication between science and management
Paul M. Coates: Dietary supplements and healtl the research

Title: Dietary Supplements and Health
Author: Barry Halliwell, Alan R. Boobis, Robert M. Russell
Language: English


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