Dental Implant Prosthetics 2nd Edition – Carl E. Misch

Titulo del libro: Dental Implant Prosthetics

Autor del libro: Carl E. Misch

Edición de libro: 2nd edition

Formato de libro: EBook

Date published: 2015

Illustrator: Else.vier

ISBN: 978­0­323­07845­0

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Dental Implant Prosthetics
In the early 1900s, fixed partial dentures to replace missing teeth in a partially edentulous patient were vehemently opposed, and removable partial dentures were strongly encouraged. In 1911, Hunter blamed the “mausoleum of gold over a mass of sepsis” for complicating systemic conditions of anemia, gastritis, kidney disease, and lesions of the spinal cord.1 Despite this popular belief, fixed partial dentures became the standard of care to replace missing teeth and are still taught in every dental school in North America. In fact, if a dental student does not perform a traditional fixed partial denture, they do not graduate and join the dental community.
In the 1970s, the mere mention of dental implants was controversial.
Organized dentistry feared that these devices would always fail and could lead to a brain abscess or heart failure, because it was believed there was no barrier between the oral bacteria and the systemic pathways. However, in spite of this obstacle, a few hundred dentists around the world observed that patients readily accepted dental implants to support a mandibular complete denture or believed that a fixed implant prosthesis was more desirable than using removable restorations or preparing and joining adjacent teeth for fixed prostheses.
Today we are in the midst of a dental implant revolution.
There are more scientific and clinical articles written on dental implants than any other topic in dentistry. From 1950 to 1985, there were approximately 500 referred articles published on dental implants. Between the years 1985 and 1995, there were more than 1500 articles published on dental implants. More recently, from 1995 to 2005, there were over 5000 articles published in referred journals on topics related to dental implants.
Today, the dental implant is now accepted as a primary method to replace a single tooth or multiple adjacent missing teeth, or to support a removable or fixed prosthesis for a completely edentulous patient.

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  • 1. Rationale for Dental Implants
  • 2. Generic Root Form Components Terminology
  • 3. An Implant is Not a Tooth: A Comparison of Periodontal Indices
  • 4. Biomaterials for Implant Dentistry
  • 5. Clinical Biomechanics in Implant Dentistry
  • 6. Bone Response to Mechanical Loads
  • 7. Diagnostic Imaging Techniques
  • 8. Stress Treatment Theorem for Implant Dentistry
  • 9. Prosthetic Options in Implant Dentistry
  • 10. Force Factors Related to Patient Conditions
  • 11. Implant Site Bone Density: A Key Determinant for Treatment Planning
  • 12. Key Implant Positions and Number for Fixed Implant Prosthesis: A Biomechanical Rationale
  • 13. Dental Implant Body Size: A Biomechanical and Esthetic Rationale
  • 14. Available Bone and Dental Implant Treatment Plans
  • 15. Scientific Rationale for Dental Implant Design
  • 16. Preimplant Prosthodontics: Overall Evaluation, Specific Criteria, and Pretreatment Prostheses
  • 17. Natural Teeth Adjacent to an Implant Site: Joining Implants to Teeth
  • 18. Diagnostic Casts and Surgical Templates
  • 19. Treatment Plans for Partially Edentulous Arches In Implant Dentistry
  • 20. Posterior Single­Tooth Replacement: Treatment Options and Indications
  • 21. Maxillary Posterior Edentulism: Treatment Options
  • 22. The Edentulous Mandible: An Organized Approach to Implant­Supported Overdentures
  • 23. The Completely Edentulous Mandible: Treatment Plans for Fixed Restorations
  • 24. Maxillary Complete Edentulism: Treatment Options for Full Arch Fixed Prostheses and Overdentures
  • 25. Principles of Cement Retained Fixed Prosthodontics: Natural Teeth and Implant Abutments
  • 26. Digital Technology and Implant Dentistry
  • 27. Principles of Screw­Retained Prostheses
  • 28. Single Tooth Replacement – Anterior and Posterior Prosthesis Design and Fabrication
  • 29. Implant Overdentures Design and Fabrication
  • 30. Maxillary Arch Fixed Implant Prosthesis: Design and Fabrication
  • 31. Occlusal Considerations for Implant Supported Prostheses – Implant Protective Occlusion
  • 32. Prosthetic Progressive Bone Loading
  • 33. A Maxillary Denture with Modified Occlusal Concepts Opposing an Implant Prosthesis
  • 34. Maintenance of Dental Implants: Implant Quality of Health Scale


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