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Conn’s Current Therapy 2016 – Edward T. Bope , Rick D. Kellerman

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Conn’s Current Therapy 2016
This is the sixty-eighth edition of Conn’s Current Therapy. Much has changed in medicine and in the publishing industry since the first edition of Howard Conn’s classic textbook. What has not
changed is our dedication to providing current and easily accessible information to busy clinicians.
Conn’s Current Therapy remains a bestselling source of pragmatic medical information available in print and electronic format.
Each chapter is written by an expert who provides evidence-based content along with their own suggestions for moving evidence into practice.
We were pleased with the results of a recent survey of Conn’s Current Therapy readers. A wide variety of health care professionals purchase Conn’s Current Therapy. Half are practicing physicians and one fourth are academic physicians, residents and fellows.
The remainder are from a wide variety of health professions, including physician assistants, nurse practitioners, allied health professionals, and laboratory directors. Many medical students have access to the book because their school library has purchased Clinical Key (, an online search engine that allows access to a wide variety of Elsevier medical publications, including Conn’s Current Therapy.
About 60 percent of physicians who purchase Conn’s Current Therapy are family physicians and internists. The remaining 40 percent are from the other specialties. In fact, the variety of physician specialists who use the book is remarkable. Subspecialists oftentimes use the book as a quick reference on topics outside their specialty area, a handy tool because so many patients have multiple co-morbid conditions. Some use the book to refresh their knowledge of both common and unusual conditions. Others use the book to review recent advances in clinical medicine and to review for maintenance of certification examinations.
We were pleased to learn that the Current Diagnosis and Current Therapy boxes were particularly popular. These boxes include clinical pearls of information on each topic. Readers can easily extract the most critical information for diagnosing and treating a particular condition. Similarly, information on differential diagnosis, medication dosages, laboratory evaluation, and ongoing monitoring was found to be useful and accessible.


1. Symptomatic Care Pending Diagnosis
2. Diseases of Allergy
3. The Infectious Diseases
4. Diseases of the Skin
5. Diseases of the Head and Neck
6. The Respiratory System
7. The Cardiovascular System
8. The Digestive System
9. Rheumatology and the Musculoskeletal System
10. The Nervous System
11. Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
12. Hematology
13. The Urogenital Tract
14. The Sexually Transmitted Diseases
15. Psychiatric Disorders
16. Men’s Health
17. Women’s Health
18. Pregnancy and Antepartum Care
19. Children’s Health
20. Preventive Health
21. Physical and Chemical Injuries
22. Appendices

Title: Conn’s Current Therapy 2016
Edition: 2016 ed. Edition
Authors: Edward T. Bope , Rick D. Kellerman
Language: English


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