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Color Atlas and Text of Histology 6th Edition

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Color Atlas and Text of Histology
We are very pleased to be able to present the sixth edition of our Color Atlas and Text of Histology, an atlas that has been in continuous use since its fi rst publication as a black and white atlas in 1987. The success of that atlas prompted us to revise it considerably, retake all of the images in full color, change its name, and publish it in 1990 under the title Color Atlas of Histology. In the past 22 years, the Atlas has undergone many changes. We added color paintings, published a corresponding set of Kodachrome slides, and added histophysiology to the text.
The advent of high-resolution digital photography allowed us to reshoot all of the photomicrographs for the fourth edition, and we created a CD-ROM that accompanied and was packaged with our Atlas. For the fifth edition, we updated the Interactive Color Atlas of Histology and made it available to the student on the Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Website,, that could be accessed from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. The online Atlas contained every photomicrograph and electron micrograph and accompanying legends present in the Atlas. The student had the capability to study selected chapters or to look up a particular item via a keyword search. Images could be viewed with or without labels and/or legends, enlarged using the “zoom” feature, and compared side-by-side to other images. Also, the updated software allowed students to self-test on all labels using the “hotspot” mode, facilitating learning and preparation for practical examinations. For examination purposes, the online Atlas contained over 300 additional photomicrographs with more than 700 interactive fill-in and true/false questions organized in a fashion to facilitate the student’s learning and preparation for practical exams. Additionally, we have included approximately 100 USMLE Step I format multiple choice questions, based on photomicrographs created specifi cally for the questions, which can be accessed in test or study mode.


CHAPTER II. Epithelium and Glands
CHAPTER III. Connective Tissue
CHAPTER IV. Cartilage and Bone
CHAPTER V. Blood and Hemopoiesis
CHAPTER VII. Nervous Tissue
CHAPTER VIII. Circulatory System
CHAPTER IX. Lymphoid Tissue
CHAPTER X. Endocrine System
CHAPTER XI. Integument
CHAPTER XII. Respiratory System
CHAPTER XIII. Digestive System I
CHAPTER XIV. Digestive System II
CHAPTER XV. Digestive System III
CHAPTER XVI. Urinary System
CHAPTER XVII. Female Reproductive System
CHAPTER XVIII. Male Reproductive System
CHAPTER XIX. Special Senses

Title: Color Atlas and Text of Histology
Edition: 6th Edition
Author(s): Leslie P Gartner, James L Hiatt
Language: English


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